The Road Taken


Show us something that surprised or delighted you on “the road taken.”

The road taken on a trip to the West Coast, USA. The top picture is of the cut made for a mountain highway, it was taken in eastern Utah. I was quite impressed with the chunk of the mountain that had been removed get that road through. It was, without a doubt, under construction for a long time. It was still a very steep grade, even with the deep cuts that had been made through the mountain.


The bottom photo is from northern Montana, along the beautiful Lewis and Clark Trail, east of Yellowstone. We were still out on the prairie, heading to the West Coast. I got out of the camper to stretch my hind legs and take our cat for a walk, changed my mind, after stopping to read the  sign. Rattlesnakes Have Been Observed, Please Stay On Sidewalks. I do not like snakes, especially sneaky, rattlesnakes. The cat used his box in the camper on that break.


One of my most favorite roads ever taken, in an 18 wheeler, Yarnell Hill, Arizona.


One thought on “The Road Taken

  1. Those are some pretty wild roads, even for the West! I doubt you would have seen a rattlesnake if you had walked along the sidewalk — if they are on the sidewalk, it would be bask in the sun, and you’d be able to see them in time to avoid them! Yarnell Hill is also quite a road with some tough history — several firefighters lost their lives about 10 years ago in that area. You’ve done some interesting exploring!


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