The Beef Is Juicy



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The Beef Is Juicy

A ten pound prime rib roast should cook slow until pink in the center and juicy, served AuJus.

A T-bone steak, grilled until the center is pink and juicy, serve hot off the grill.



A beef rib steak, start “on a hot grill, quickly sear the juice into the meat, hot pink center when pinched, serve juicy on a hot platter.


A beef rump roast should cook slowly, water in pan helps retain the juices, cook well done, if eating cold later.


A ground round steak, or hamburger, cook thoroughly today. Try to be safe without country of origin labeling on ground meat.

Tender beef is getting harder to find with each passing year, beef is not like it was back in the good old days when it had a little chance to roam out on the open range.

Anytime you order your beef well done, instead of juicy, you know you might be in for some tough chewing.


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