Glitter Overdo



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Glitter Overdo
A young man was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night with complaints about his eyes. He said, “I can’t see anything.” “My eyes were damaged by the bright light.”  The doctor started examining his eyes, you have some very tiny particles in your eyes. What bright light did this damage, “an arc welder?” “No, nothing like that.”

The young man replied, “we were parked up on the mountain, near the HOLLYWOOD sign ” It was  dark, a pitch black spot, a little ways off the road. We listened to music awhile, I started to unbuttoned her blouse and she smiled at me. The glitter on her teeth was overwhelmingly bright, as if I was looking into the bright headlights on a new BMW. That would be her dad coming up the road.

She had body glitter all over her body and face glitter on her face too. I thought I was totally blinded, so called a friend and he brought me here to the emergency room.



The Dr. exclaimed, “This is one I have never run across in all my years in Beverly Hills.” “Will I be blind?” “No”, your eyes are going to be out of focus for a few days. You better wear dark glasses and use some special eye drops until they start feeling better.

I doubt if the tooth glitter brightness hurt your eyes. It sure made you think about your friends dad though. You got some body and face glitter in your eyes. I would imagine it probably came from her cleavage area. I see you have glitter in both eyes.

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