To Squat Or Not


Leland 1961 Japan Squat


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I would give anything to be able to squat like this yet today, it would solve many of my problems like being able to poop regular and have legs strong enough to carry my enlarged body around. From my recliner to the frig and back at least, oh yes and the bathroom. A walking program consisting of one brisk walk a day around the chair is not enough to maintain proper respiratory and heart health.

There is another alternative, I could get off my lazy butt and start doing some leg exercises like knee bends and leg lifts and maybe do the natural, easy thing, squat down to poop.

It is no laughing matter, people in the Orient have strong legs for the simple reason they spent all of their lives pooping every day from a squatting position. There could not be a better combination, relieving yourself, while you’re also exercising your legs.

I don’t believe this was all an accident in time, starting centuries ago. It was a well-planned, thought-out regiment of maintaining a strong and healthy body.

We may learn a lot by studying other people around the globe and how they do basic regular things such as going to the toilet. It is not rocket science.

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