Full Right Rudder “SOS”

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Full Right Rudder “SOS”

I woke up during the night with a strange feeling, it was twisting, gripping and squeezing my usual satisfied mind. I had been feeling exceptionally good lately with all of the different rosy, political rhetoric and glorifide political hype. It made it sound like we were moving into some type of a Fantasyland, all bubbly, fuzzy and friendly, everything was going to be better than usual. Great, not just great but GREAT things were going to instantly start happening as  mandated to a huge majority. It was a campaign promise. All deserved, wanted and expected more, good stuff to be happening in our country.

It’s hard to put into words. When I woke up this morning, I put both feet on the floor and just sat there awhile. I felt sure that we must be spinning in some kind of reverse time warp. Everything was going backward in time, at an extremely fast speed it was all very unnerving, frustrating.

My happy, feel good expectation just made a quick trip from a Rocky Mountain High to a Death Valley low. I could not find the handle to get a grip on it. I had such high expectations a month ago and now they’ve been vaporized. Whatever happened to them? What can take such high expectations and make them vanish that fast? I came up with only one thing.

We are on this huge ship with the wheel tied to a full right rudder and no compass. The ship will keep turning to the right until it hits a rock, iceburg and sinks or gets hopelessly lost in the past.

I hate to stop following the national news and what is going on in world events. If I hope to see my expectation for these next few years rise, I might have to dumb it down, to the frankly  don’t really give a damn level.


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