Overwhelming Cure

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Overwhelming Cure

It doesn’t seem to make much difference today, no matter where you are at, or who you’re talking to. Everyone seems to be overwhelmed with the world situation, the working of our government or just daily life in general. People talk about being overwhelmed with medical expenses and the price of housing and food. They feel underwhelmed with the amount of pay they’re receiving. They feel like they have no control mechanism for their lives anymore.

This is really nothing new, every Generation goes through the same Growing Pains. This has gone on for decades, at different ages almost everyone’s feels overwhelmed with the situations at hand. Worries, stress, and strain bring on alcohol or drug use, it does not bring relief for any of these overwhelming conditions. It only creates physical ailments and more bills.

Instead of being constantly and uselessly overwhelmed we should start each new day with a simple fact, an act of faith. Make the decision to confront head on whatever comes up, from the time we get out of bed until we go back to bed that night. You will devise your own repair kit, one capable of handling anything that comes up. Face each problem separately, do your best fixing it. You will do the right thing to help yourself and your loved ones get through the day. One day at a time is the best you can do. If you do your best you will find peace.

Overwhelming situations seem to grow like cancer, if left unchecked they will slowly destroy you. Petty problems can seem to become huge, enormous or massive. Meet each dilemma head on, before it is uncontrollable and overpowering. You hold the power over what can control you.


4 thoughts on “Overwhelming Cure

  1. Some good advice here – in all my years, I don’t remember as stressful a situation as we have right now. At least it’s becoming apparent that our laws and systems work, with the TRO and the resignation of Gen. Flynn. In all my years, I don’t remember as stressful a situation as we have right now.


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