Wolverine Awareness

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Wolverine Awareness

On my job as a IRS investigator I met an Old Timer from the far north, above the Arctic Circle. He said “I lived in these parts close to 80 years” “I am aware of the cold all the time.” It is cold here eleven months out of the year! I learned as a young child, “Never put your tongue on the pump handle in the winter time, it will freeze to the handle.” By the time you pull it loose you will be whistling off key for the rest of your life!

Would you care to hear me whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy? You’ll get quite a kick out of it, I’ll bet? No thanks, Old Timer that’s just fine, we’ll just talk. You say, ‘you have never filed Federal Income Tax.’ Right? “That is true.” What do you do up here for extra income and to pass the time besides prospecting and trapping? Well, it’s so darn cold most of the time, “I just stay in bed.”

I have become aware of one thing after all my years here. You have to get out of bed from time to time in order to be aware what is going on around this here cabin. Last week I stayed in bed for 2 days, when I finally got up I became instantly aware of a Wolverine in my Smokehouse. He has tried to drive me out of this area before. The big old nasty critter tried to bite me on the leg when he ran out the door. He is huge, mean and smart, ate up most all of my bacon and dried venison. The dirty bugger peed on what he didn’t eat.

He is determined to run me out. It will be a long time till Spring now, with no meat but I’m not going to leave. “What would you do young feller? I am leaving right now, “I just became aware of an appointment I have in the city.” “From talking into your hand and then listening, you learned that?” Maybe you should stay and get rid of the Wolverine for me!

You be careful going back to the city, “a big blizzard is  coming.” Been a pleasure to meet you, come back again, anytime. I got to get my snowshoes out and my biggest traps. I will get that willy Wolverine. I’ve been after him for years but he is always aware of my traps and buries them in the snow, then marks the spot with his endless supply of pee. If I can’t trap him, guess I’ll sit in the Smokehouse, gun in my hand waiting for him to come back. I’m aware of the fact, he will not be very hungry for a long time, I might sit there until spring!


One thought on “Wolverine Awareness

  1. “I have become aware of one thing after all my years here. You have to get out of bed from time to time in order to be aware what is going on” I, also, have found this advice to be highly recommended! Enjoyed!


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