Agape Love


I have reblogged Patricia’s post entitled Agape because I think she has done an outstanding job describing the different types of love. I do believe there is another love almost as strong as God’s Agape love. That is the love a mother shows and feels for her newborn child.

Love has been the main topic in volumes of books, stories, movies, poems and love songs since the beginning of time. Love is a Many-Splendored Thing. That could also be a mystical, marvelous, magical, memorable, moving, maddening thing.

I have wondered, how much love one person is entitled to receive or share, above and beyond the ever present Agape Love? Is there a limit to the number of loves one can, or should have? Hindsight is truly blind, when it comes to love, if love is blind! What’s done is done, leave well enough alone? Search for redeeming excuses for self, or reasons? Go on with life by finding your way through the tangled mess you made of love. Seek forgiveness?

These pictures below show me and my love Miki in Japan. We said Sayonara in 1962 at a Tokyo train station with no promises. It was her intention, although unsaid, I would send for her, but I never did. A year later my back was broken in an auto accident and I was crippled for the rest of my life. I started to search for reasons, if I had sent for her that first year it may never have happened. I concluded, It was my payoff because I did not fulfill my unpledged promise


True love doesn’t require pledges, promises or contracts. It is supposed to be a given, understood by the heart and the head for an eternity. Some are bonded together, forever apart with nothing but love.

We are told by Jesus to love one another. I have been thinking and praying about this lately.  There are three perspectives of love;

  • storge–the natural affection of family members
  • phileo–friendship of individuals, mutual affection, and understanding
  • agape–love given requiring nothing in return, deliberate principled and moral, not impulsive or from feelings or emotions

Storge is the first love we experience. Most of us are born into loving families. Some families are small some are large but all are united in the caring for one another. True, we may be closer to some family members than others but there is the common bond of belonging to each other.

Phileo is a love we develop over time with people who come into our lives as strangers that we find some interest or belief that ties us together. These are our friends. Friendships can be shared for a lifetime or be for a…

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