Replacement Items



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Replacement Items
Our country has replaced Thanksgiving Day with Black Friday Fever. A very poor replacement! It got to the point Black Friday was moved from 6:00 AM back to exactly midnight, for some shopaholics that was not good enough. They represented a faithful flock that gathered in the dead of night by the millions, regardless of weather conditions. The Mega Malls knew they had to keep them happy, their wallets and purses were bulging with credit cards that weren’t all maxed out yet, so they started opening the doors on Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday door opening was dangerous for small sized shoppers, some got squashed against locked doors, many got trampled by people knocking each other down. The running of the bulls in Spain is a wimpy event compared to the Macy Madness Marathon. Each wild-eyed shopper is trying to get into the store first to get the very limited Big Bargain items before their next person grabs it. Little old ladies must have an adrenaline rush fighting with each other when there is only one dress left and four of them want it.

The mega mall madness resumes the day after Christmas, replacement ruminations start the moment the gifts are opened at Christmas time. The multitudes are back standing in line again at Macy’s and all the other Big Box Stores, the day after Christmas. Replacements will be needed for most of those precious gifts that were oohed and aahed over at Christmas. It would appear we are not completely satisfied with anything anymore, no matter what it is, we are going to get a replacement, or refund for it.

Replacement insurance, there is one thing we know for certain about any product that we buy today. If it is made in the U.S.A., it will last. We have all come to learn, the knowledge of the engineers who designed American made products are among the best in the world. When you buy a new foreign made product they might tell you, “It is guaranteed to be replaced within the first year.” The store will offer you insurance, for a small fee, that will replace it, if it should become defective during that first year. You always reject the extra insurance cost. What can go wrong in one year? The chances are very slim, so after you had that weed wacker or wizard whirly widget for a one year and one day, it will quit working. That is the best engineering on this planet!

In this modern age, virtually everything can be replaced for a price. There was an era in this land when the only replacements made were of necessities; flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, rice, bacon or dried meat, coffee, tea and dried fruit. Survival was the main goal. We have come a long way baby, let us all hope there is no turning back.

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