The Beef Is Juicy



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The Beef Is Juicy

A ten pound prime rib roast should cook slow until pink in the center and juicy, served AuJus.

A T-bone steak, grilled until the center is pink and juicy, serve hot off the grill.



A beef rib steak, start “on a hot grill, quickly sear the juice into the meat, hot pink center when pinched, serve juicy on a hot platter.


A beef rump roast should cook slowly, water in pan helps retain the juices, cook well done, if eating cold later.


A ground round steak, or hamburger, cook thoroughly today. Try to be safe without country of origin labeling on ground meat.

Tender beef is getting harder to find with each passing year, beef is not like it was back in the good old days when it had a little chance to roam out on the open range.

Anytime you order your beef well done, instead of juicy, you know you might be in for some tough chewing.


Glitter Overdo



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Glitter Overdo
A young man was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night with complaints about his eyes. He said, “I can’t see anything.” “My eyes were damaged by the bright light.”  The doctor started examining his eyes, you have some very tiny particles in your eyes. What bright light did this damage, “an arc welder?” “No, nothing like that.”

The young man replied, “we were parked up on the mountain, near the HOLLYWOOD sign ” It was  dark, a pitch black spot, a little ways off the road. We listened to music awhile, I started to unbuttoned her blouse and she smiled at me. The glitter on her teeth was overwhelmingly bright, as if I was looking into the bright headlights on a new BMW. That would be her dad coming up the road.

She had body glitter all over her body and face glitter on her face too. I thought I was totally blinded, so called a friend and he brought me here to the emergency room.



The Dr. exclaimed, “This is one I have never run across in all my years in Beverly Hills.” “Will I be blind?” “No”, your eyes are going to be out of focus for a few days. You better wear dark glasses and use some special eye drops until they start feeling better.

I doubt if the tooth glitter brightness hurt your eyes. It sure made you think about your friends dad though. You got some body and face glitter in your eyes. I would imagine it probably came from her cleavage area. I see you have glitter in both eyes.

45th Reconnaissance Squadron


The 45th Reconnaissance Squadron’s RC-135 Cobra Ball are brought together on the flight line at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. These aircraft are rarely seen in the same place at the same time due to its worldwide reconnaissance missions.



Proud of my old squadron. 45th TRS in Thailand 1960’s


45th-patch         pdot


In August 1958, the subsonic Thunder jets were replaced by the supersonic McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo, the first supersonic tactical reconnaissance aircraft in the USAF inventory. In the early 1960s, the United States began to become more and more involved in the ongoing conflict in Vietnam, From its base at Misawa, a detachment of the squadron was ordered to Don Muang RTAFB, Thailand to fly high-speed reconnaissance missions over South Vietnam, in support of the government in Saigon. The detachment remained in Thailand until May 1962 and it returned to Misawa. It returned to Bangkok in November 1962, staying about a month until again returning.

RF-101C Vietnam War

460TRW_TanSon_N1962, another detachment was deployed to Tan Son Nhut AB, near Saigon, South Vietnam. Its mission was to fly intelligence gathering flights. The squadron began rotational TDYs to Tan Son Nhut, which continued until November 1965. When the squadron began operations in Southeast Asia, the missions were initially medium-altitude single-aircraft flights over South Vietnam, although two-ship missions were allocated to particularly well-defended areas.

The unit was re designated the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 1 January 1967. During its nine-year involvement in the Vietnam War, the 45th was involved in most major return to Misawa AB, the squadrons aircraft, now relatively war-weary from nearly a decade of flying combat missions, were retired and the squadron became non-operational. It was inactivated on 31 May 1971.[1]operations of the war. It operated from Udorn RTAFB, Thailand in 1966, then returned to Tan Son Nhut where it operated until withdrawn in December 1970 and returned to Misawa AB as part of the withdraw of United States forces from South Vietnam.[1] The usefulness of the RF-101 to the war effort, was in large part, the reason for the aircraft to remain in the inventory throughout the 1960s.[8] Upon its

For a complete history of the 45 TH.  click on this link. TRS

Harmful Sound


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Harmful Sound

The daily prompt word for February 15, 2017 was sound. We are living in a world where you cannot get away from sound, sound is everywhere. At this very moment I can hear my wife attempting to talk to me from the next room. Proverbs 27:15 “A continual dripping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.” King James Bible “It is better to dwell on the corner of the housetop.” I couldn’t dwell for long on the roof! I hear the ringing in my ears above all other noises. I never would have thought of that as being a blessing.

My tinnitus is from working with jet engines. The refrigerator in the kitchen sound is 24/7. The flushing toilet sound is loud and frequent. The chimes sounds emitted by the old mantle clock, accentuates the complete nocturnal quiet very well. During the silence between the chimes sounds coming from the old clock it might be quiet enough to hear my own heartbeat but the infernal, internal, tinnitus ringing in my ears is usually the sound in control of all decibels.

The noises in every household are numerous, on any city street they increase by a hundred fold. Sound is all around, yet people want more. People everywhere are walking, running, strolling, riding bikes with ear buds protruding from their ears.

If cell phones do create brain tumors the world does not have to fear overpopulation, people cannot get enough cell phone time. Young people have woofers and tweeters blasting in their vehicles all the while they drive. The ground shakes when they stop at a stop sign. Many of them will have serious hearing loss as they get older. We expose ourselves to extra loud sound all through our lives, many times without even thinking about it.

When using a chainsaw to cut up a tree the wind blew down, it is a good idea to wear earplugs, that is not a very long noise exposure but it could damage your hearing. Gun collectors and shooters use rifle ranges for hours at a time firing their weapons, they usually wear ear plugs and ear muffs to protect their ears from the loud sound.

I was in the U. S. Air Force, aircraft maintenance, we run up and tested out the engines after working on them. We would tie the aircraft to a concrete slab with three inch thick steel cables hooked to the landing gear to keep the plane from taking off. Then run them up to full power while checking everything out, standing right beside them, crawling under them sometimes. Heavy intake screens were put on to keep us from getting sucked into the intakes. Each engine was run for several minutes.

Our ear protection was ear plugs and heavy ear muffs. During this time the sound was deafening. We would then run the afterburners momentarily, you could feel the ground vibrating. Your teeth, skin and eyeballs vibrated too, the sound level increased to the hurting point. A jet engines thrust is increased by almost 50% while running in afterburner. They only run the afterburners during takeoff, or for emergency use in a dogfight to keep from being shot down. The extra fuel consumption would find them running out of fuel in a very short time. In flight refueling equipment was added after the F-101 A,  B and RF-101C came out of the factory.

It is no wonder I have had tinnitus ever since those Air Force days, working around that much loud sound. Working on the flight line was constant engine noise but a little further away, aircraft were landing and taking off almost constantly. I was in the U.S. Air Force, I cannot imagine being on a aircraft carrier in the Navy, close quarters and jet engines are a bad combination.


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This story is about hideouts and gangs, except for the first one. It is about a cold blooded murderer. Usually when a crime is committed the person or persons committing the crime head straight to a hideout. It is a place to kick back, relax and unwind, to lay low and take it easy until things cool off. There is a large variety of hideouts, as many as there are people to hide in them, special ones for every hideout seekers individual desires and needs.

Cain Slew Abel
When the first murder was committed in this world, there were no sirens or 911 calls made. It was a premeditated crime of passion. Cain wasn’t really thinking very far ahead, because he really had no hideout to run to. The all seeing God knew all and saw all. He watched Cain , talk to his brother Abel, “let us go out to the field,” where he murdered him.

God decided to punish Cain by sending him to the land of Nod, in the East of Eden, a sleepy place that didn’t hold a candle to Eden West. Cain complained to the Lord “that he would be killed.” The Lord told Cain, “Not to worry”, and the Lord set a mark upon Cain so that whoever found him would not slay him.” Therefore whoever kills Cain shall suffer sevenfold vengeance.

Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and dwelled in the land of Nod east of Eden. We might consider that was Cain’s hideout and punishment combination, he will be a wanderer on the earth. Pre-meditated crimes of passion are still shining a bright light on human anger, weakness and self control.

Capone Gang

Al Capone was one gang leader who had many hideouts, he learned at a young age, if you live a life of crime, chances are you’re going to find yourself on the run. When the heat really gets on you, get out of town and lay low in a hideout somewhere. He had hideouts all across the country. His main crime, income producing area was around Chicago. He pretty well controlled everything that was going on in that city from prostitution to drugs and illegal alcohol. His competition was from the Northside Irish gang. His gang wars kept Elliot Ness and the FBI on their toes and really made them earn their Federal Pay.

The different gangs in Chicago were constantly at war with one another. On St. Valentine’s Day February 14, 1929 Al Capone lured some of the North Side gang, or the Irish-Americans into a warehouse on Chicago’s Northside. He promised them a shipment of stolen Canadian whiskey. The Irish gang was waiting in the warehouse where seven of them were gunned down. Two of the shooters were dressed as uniformed policemen, while the others wore suits, ties, overcoats and hats. Al Capone’s men had Thompson submachine guns, shotguns, almost every type of firearm imaginable riddled the bodies with hundreds of bullets. One of the Irish gang had been shot 14 different times, he was the only one left with any life in him, when the police asked him, “Who shot you.” He said, “Nobody shot me.”


Harvester Hideout

The dill pickle gang was a group of seven cousins, all quite well mannered and easy-to-please, not in trouble, much.. They didn’t really have any competition from other gangs in the community, since they lived out on a farm. They worked together like a well oiled machine, or a fine-tuned instrument, maybe a Stradivarius. Each one had their own duty assignment which could be interchanged if someone was called away because of some chores or other unforeseen activities going on at the farm during the particular time of a planned mission.
One of the main object0ives was to have a look out watching the outside basement entrance to the house, extra lookouts, when available could be posted at will. Every house out in the country, even some in town, had an outside basement entrance that you could dive into in case of a tornado baring down on the place. The outside basement entrance was also used to bring in hundreds of pounds of potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins or any other garden produce that needed to be stored in a root cellar. Half of the cellar was colder, so it made an excellent root cellar. Carrots could be kept crunchy all winter in a box of damp cold sand.

Getting back to the watch detail, one person or two, would watch the outside entrance to the basement as I said, the other one would go downstairs and bring up a jar of those coveted, crispy, cold dill pickles from the back of the shelf. The missing jar clue always comes up in a court room case, never leave a gaping hole in the front of a full shelf. If it was a special occasion 2 quart jars of delightfully, dizzying, dill pickles could be retrieved.

Other gang members would be on duty in the kitchen, there was always a large wooden match box holder near the cook stove. Those wooden matches were not to be used, or even touched by children, that rule was set in stone back in the days of Moses. Evidently, with out a doubt, we heard, hundreds of homes, haystacks and barns, burned to the ground because of children playing with those self striking, Sulphur coated, exploding, older wooden matches. Well, maybe one or two barns burned, or a house and a haystack over a period of 100 years. I don’t really believe there’s ever been records kept of that type of rural fire information.

Back to my point, the matches were highly respected and used with diligent care. We all learned at a real young age, no one wanted to be ever questioned about missing wooden matches! When the match detail finished their high risk, acid reflux producing job, it would sort of mill around outside, looking nonchalant, if a seven or eight year old can even look nonchalant. There must have been a silent, invisible signal, just wait for the other members who were working on the inside yet. No Walkie-Talkie to be had, we tried two cans and a string, very limited distance, can’t hear me now, can you? No I can’t?

One of the most dangerous, riskiest jobs and the one with the most serious consequences, if caught, would be getting into the right dresser drawer where the Chesterfield cigarettes were kept. The bravest ones took that detail, they received special commendations for retrieving a pack of Chesterfield’s from the dresser drawer. Their helper was having distracting conversations in one of the other rooms, with said cigarette owner, no doubt the dining area. As soon as Arthur Godfrey’s Chesterfields were in pocket or undies they both would discreetly exit the house and start working their way toward the tree grove were the machinery was stored.

The Dill Pickle Gang hideout that everyone would gather and cool off at was the grain hopper, up on top of the old combine. Each one climbed the ladder and got into the empty grain hopper. Whatever business was on the daily agenda was discussed while we all ate those delicious kosher pickles and smoked Arthur Godfrey’s Chesterfield cigarettes. The easier, less stressful days of some fortunate Northern children. I just can not for the life of me see this happening in the south with canned persimmons or okra!

Translate Book

img063 (2).jpg
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We have this book that is written in Norwegian, 585 pages long. I have had a very hard time finding a way to translate it to English. If there is someone out there with an idea on how to go about translating a complete book I would be very happy to learn what that information is.

I have tried scanning and translating individual pages but it always seems to run into a problem. I have done some checking and have not been able to find where the book was ever published in English.

I also have thought about finding me a young Norwegian lady to read me bedtime stories from it. My wife doesn’t think that is a good idea.

Thank you for any help.

Heard Daily Negatives


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Heard Daily Negatives

I have heard enough from our new president to be completely and utterly dumbfounded by what he says and does. I did not vote for him but I was ready to give them the benefit of the doubt and support him, because he is now the President of the United States. He deserves the respect of all the people.

When he is talking now, it appears he is only talking to those people who supported him, everyone else is considered the enemy. The Press is also his enemy, he claims they make up false stories and lie about him.

The country is divided right down the middle which was evident by the election results. He has done nothing yet to help close that Gap. It does not appear he is willing to work in a bipartisan fashion. He continues to talk about things as if he is still on the campaign trail. I hope he realizes soon, he is the president of the United States now, he is in charge, the buck stops at his desk.

The United States must be the best country on Earth for taking popularity polls, or to poll anything that can be polled. Somebody with the ability, should take a national poll of all the citizens of the country to see how many are in favor of a bipartisan government. I would hope some of his people would favor working together, making it a huge mandate for changed government.

Working together for the sake of the nation! That poll should be taken “immediately” as an eye opener, for those in Washington DC to get in gear and start working together, instead of playing political games.

The country will stay divided, if unity, tolerance and civility isn’t started in Washington D.C., by every branch of government. STARTING WITH THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. The president should set an example for the citizens,  even the children.

The people have HEARD enough and had enough BS.

Barbecued Chicken


Barbecued Chicken

1/2 c. sugar                1/2 c. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 c. ketchup           1/4 tsp. mustard

1/2 c. lemon juice     1/2 c. onion

Place Chicken in shallow baking pan. Pour sauce over chicken. Bake covered at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
Finnish on grill, if grill marks are desired.