Federal Oversight Committees?




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Oversight Committees

Gentlemen there was no forgetfulness or laxity on my part, a slight oversight maybe. “I’m not a crook!” I don’t understand why I have been hauled up in front of this House Select Oversight Committee. I do believe it must have been a slight clerical error. The 44 billion dollars was supposed to go into research and development on the new bomber for the Navy’s submarine fleet. Sir, “I have since learned the Navy submarine fleet does not use bombers.” “Thank you.”

I don’t have the foggiest idea how those funds ended up getting into my business accounts down South. My attorneys tell me that investment has been already re- leveraged. Now that it is in my personal business accounts the oversight committee will have an awful time getting it back out. The paperwork will be a huge, extra time. a burden, getting those funds back into federal coffers will just be too darn much paperwork.

Now I know we got an oversight committee checking on the working of this new Congress and I’m sure they’re going to do a very commendable job, every last one of them, to the last man, outstanding people, they have all been in Washington for at least 30 years so we know we can count on them to know all the ins and outs of every closet in town.

The new incoming oversight committee has not really been formed, so surely they’re not up to speed yet, don’t have on their running shoes so to speak. My dear colleagues, “If you consider my record and how long I have intimately known and worked with all of you.” “I know everything about each one of you.” “I’m sure you all will conclude and realize that this can be overlooked, you will all be rewarded.” I’m quite sure this could just as easily be overlooked, for the courts time if nothing else.

We are here in this closed-door meeting until we get this sorted out. “We could be on Mars, nothing leaves this room for other eyes or ears, right”? You all understand the complexity of book keeping between the Caman banks and Abu Dhabi. All the books look quite neat, tidy and orderly no oversights. You got to look over your shoulder, or out the window, look at everybody. I’m sure you’ll agree but mainly look to your futures. “You all will be rewarded discreetly and generously in your retirement years.”

The committee on Oversight and Government Reform, we will work with our colleagues in the minority to exercise effective oversight over the federal government and will work proactively to investigate and expose waste, fraud, and abuse.


My Inaugural Invitation





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My Inaugural Invitation

I have been patiently waiting for my invitation to the inauguration this coming Friday, January 20, 2017. I was fairly shocked to find out the invitation did not come in my mailbox. I found it on the Internet, I will share the site with everyone, we may have to hurry and send in our requests for individual tickets.

One great thing about living in this day and age of computers and electronic wizardry, we can tweak each other, send messages around the world in micro-seconds and receive invitations to the presidential inauguration right over the Internet.

I recall when Richard Nixon was sworn in. I tried hard for weeks to find a ticket, there were none to be had. I’m sure if it would have been George McGovern’s inauguration there would’ve been mail bags loaded with tickets sitting around at the train stations and bus depots, because the opposition hung a LIBERAL label on him.

I remember calling George McGovern and thanking him for being such a gracious loser to the then popular Richard M Nixon. Our Democracy has a system of checks and balances for everyone. George was labeled a Liberal, he was actually a very proud bi-partisan political servant of the people and country. He volunteered for the Army Air Corp during World War Two and was a pilot on the B-24 Liberator, flying 35 missions over German occupied Europe.

History continues to be made, our incoming president would like the prayers this coming Friday of those who opposed him. I hope his supporters also pray for him. I don’t think a better request could have been made by any incoming president.

The power of prayer is very capable of turning all events into positive, productive, outcomes. I have enclosed the website for everyone else who wants to hurry and send for their tickets. You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event.

“Join Us”

“On Friday, January 20, we celebrate a new day for America as Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence are sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States. Because you played such an important role in our movement to Make America Great Again, President-elect Trump wants to personally invite you to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony.”

“You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event. This ticket IS NOT required for admittance. To register for your tickets, complete and submit the form below.”




Ambience In Northern Japan


Ambience has the power to uplift your mood.


Autumn Foliage in Aomori Japan

Ambience By The Pacific


The middle of October to early November is the best time to view the beautiful autumn colors at Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada! Fall offers an excellent opportunity to see the area transformed from summer greenery to crimson and gold. In late November, the colors fade and are replaced with an austere yet majestic winter scenery.



Travel the island of Honshu Japan to the far northern end, you will discover there are no limits to what this world will go to,  just to give you ambience at it’s best and finest extremes.

Lake Towada West Shore Hot Spring, a spa with true ambience, soothing, relaxing, refreshing and restoring.


A few changes have been made in the last 55 years.





1935 A Year to Remember


1935 A Year to Remember
My grandfather Andrew C Olson and his wife Minnie Wirta Olson owned a small farm in eastern South Dakota. They lived in one of the first sod houses built in Brookings County. It was later enclosed with a wooden frame and a bedroom and kitchen was added, there was a loft where the children slept. This is His diary from December 24 and 25th of 1935.

Dec. 24th.
Cloudy South wind started to snow forenoon, afternoon wind changed to Northwest and up came a storm, drifting and got cold severe wind and still blowing at 10 o’clock weather is getting much colder. Elma and I went to Andy Belkonens forenoon and we also tried to fix starter on car and hauled manure in ditch for a new crossing as our crossing is snow blocked. Plan on spending Christmas with Alice and Ed but guess it’s all off now severe weather. I popped some corn and we had a feast.
Dec. 25th.
Very cold day clear snow drifting some one of the worst nights last night. Everything froze in the kitchen fierce wind 12 below we stayed home during afternoon Elma and I went to Lokajarvi’s,  Lamburg boys Walter and Wilbur were over in the evening Rudolf Lamburg came over here, we went to bed at 11 thermometer 15 below.

(manure roads became very popular in the days before snowplows, grandpa is referring here to hauling manure and spreading it across the deep snow in the road bitch, so they could get on the road and go to town, the manure would freeze hard as a rock, making a fairly substantial trail to drive on.)

(The kitchen had one barn sash window on the north wall, four little panes of glass, a storm window was put over it in winter.) That little window usually had an inch of frost on it, many little noses got pressed against it. (Neighbors walked to visit each other, people thought nothing of walking many miles a day, there were some cars but gas money was slow coming from selling cream and eggs to the town folks.

I was surprised to read that everything froze in the kitchen Christmas Eve night. This was in 1935, there was no money to even buy necessary items. ‘The days long before quick, easy credit, hay tightly twisted together and dried cow pies were burned, they no doubt didn’t have very much coal or wood to burn. Their heating stove was in the dining room, they would let the fire burn down to a few hot coals during the night.

The whole house could easily be down to the freezing mark by morning, that is one reason people had quilts 6 inches deep on their feather beds. I know one thing for sure, there were always several buckets of corn cobs standing by the cook stove in the kitchen. They burned real hot but fast. Dear grandma got the cook stove fired up early for everyone to warm their fannies on as they woke up.

The following story is written by Park Ranger Mike Kusch. this is an excellent read, It covers a wealth of information from the year 1935. I felt the need to share it with everyone who reads my blog site. We live in a land that has been truly blessed, because it was built by millions of people with a pioneer spirit, grit, determination, hard work and a strong faith. We should all be very thankful and do our duty as citizens to work for a bipartisan government that will strengthen our democracy even more.

Written by Park Ranger Mike Kusch
The world’s economy is struggling. Large numbers of Americans are unemployed. The country is reeling from a long hot summer with powerful storms. Americans are debating government economic stimulus initiatives and Social Security. World leaders are rattling their swords and threatening war. A nation defies the world community by building their military capacity. New technological innovations and achievements seemingly reduce the size of the world. And, the media and sports are the bright lights in an otherwise depressing climate.
Does this sound familiar? However, there is a catch! This does not describe today, but 1935 when Fort Stanwix National Monument was established.



Increase Bipartisanship In Washington DC


Increase Bipartisanship In Washington DC

This nation has never been more in need of bipartisanship than it is today, it is split down the middle. Everyone has to take part, share their feelings with family, friends and neighbors and especially with the politicians at city state and federal levels. Politicians must work together to ensure the survival of our democracy. Please get involved, thank you.



There are many ways to learn about and get involved in bipartisanship, just Google the words ‘bridge the political divide,’ see what you come up with.

Bridge the Political Divide(TM)

Christmas 1946


For this week’s challenge, preserve something ephemeral by transforming it.


Christmas 1946
I’m not sure if families were closer together 70 years ago or if I was just lucky to be born into a family that was close to each other. The two pages in this story are excerpts that I transcribed from my mother’s diary. A book from Finland with wooden covers and linen paper pages. The first page describes Christmas Eve and Day of 1946, the second page is the 26th’ through the 29th. of that same year. I feel fortunate as I read this today, I remember that Christmas quite well, I was six years old at the time and caught my uncle Edmund half way into the Santa Clause suit. There were real candles on the tree, this was before we had electricity. It was a very merry, magic, Christmas for about two dozen people that night at the home of Frank and Frances Olson.

img038 (2).jpg

The second world war ended in 1945. All of my mother’s brothers served in the military during the war. That is one reason this was such a special Christmas for her dad. They all got together for Christmas in 1946 except Wayne who was still in Japan and Art was stationed in Alaska. Charlie Wayrynen got to see his sons return alive, none were killed in battle.

img040 (2).jpg


Specific Gravity



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Specific Gravity

Go right in Larry, the doctor is waiting for you. Good morning Larry, “please sit down.” I have met with the other staff members, they feel it is time we review your treatment here at the State Hospital. You have been here for about six months now and are doing remarkably well. It would have helped if you would have communicated with me a lot sooner, instead of just staying in your room and not responding.

When we first started our visits you told me of an incident that happened the day you were born. You said, “The doctor whacked me on the rear and I showed very little response.” ” I heard him say, you have to be more specific than that Larry.” Then he spanked me a couple more times, holding me by my feet, I hung upside down. Then I started crying and breathing air for the first time. I remember that, just as if it was yesterday. Larry, people cannot recall what happened in the delivery room the day they were born.

I have here in your file records, ‘Larry tells of an incident when he was four years old, his father asked him to come out to the outside toilet.’ ‘When they got out to the toilet they can hear meowing.’ Your father asked, ‘”Do you know how that kitten get down in the toilet hole.” You replied, “He probably fell in.” Your dad said, “the door was closed, be more specific” ‘Maybe the cat went in the toilet with me.’ ‘Can you be more specific?’ “While I was playing with the kitten, it fell down the hole.” Larry, you got to be a lot more specific. I’m sorry, I dropped the kitten down in the toilet hole.” You then said, “Dad put his belt around my ankles and lowered me down into the toilet hole to retrieve that poor little kitten. You started crying and you promised never to do that again, I am covered with poop.” Your dad said, “so was the kitten”

In the next stage of your treatment we talked about your time at college. Larry, ‘You recalled working on a paper for over eight hours. You memorized this part, Concentrated urine: USG >1.035 (cat) Excretion of urine that is concentrated like this indicates that significant modification of glomerular filtrate (which has specific gravity of 1.008 to 1.012) has occurred by means of active resorptive processes in the renal tubes.

You told me you had to do extensive research to find out all available information about the specific gravity of cat urine. You were very proud of your project. Dr. Lieberman asked you to read your paper in front of the whole class. You happily read your thesis on the specific gravity of cat urine, as you were about to get to your climactic finish. Professor Lieberman said, “You must be more specific Larry.”

It was at that point that they had to use restraints and transport you here to the hospital. So without a doubt I have concluded the word specific is what triggers your severe anxiety and fear. Please, “come away from the window Larry and sit down, those windows have a very heavy mesh screen on them.” We will have to continue with your treatment until we can get you to the point where the word specific will not bother you anymore and make you want to hurt yourself. Please, “come back and sit down Larry, my secretary will let you out of the room when we are finished.”

That was a bad thing that you did do that little kitten but that was a long time ago, you have to stop thinking about it. Subconsciously it bothers you, the word specific makes you feel guilty and then you think of harming yourself because of what you did to that little cat. With all this information Larry, along with the story you told me about your father and the out house, it leads me to believe the word specific triggers the flashbacks that you have now. We know what the trigger is, we should be able to work on it and help you completely forget the original trauma..



Inferior Interior






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Inferior Interior

Dust mites, plus the interior of our two bedroom apartment are always on my wife’s mind. Mainly the inside of the windows, it is a topic of almost daily conversation. I tried to tell her, I cannot wash windows when the temperature is 30° below zero. Hopefully that will get me through until spring. This has been going on for a few years. Next spring I will have to consult a professional window washer. I should think window cleaning would be included in the high rent that we pay but apparently it is not. It’s not like we live on the 50th floor, we do live at ground level. If I try washing them myself I could not fall far enough to do great bodily harm..

The interior of our refrigerator is of little concern, it doesn’t seem to get much respect, unless the door is opened and the light comes on. That’s one good thing about refrigerators, they don’t have doors you can see through. Everything seems to get spilled and gravity does take it to the bottom of the fridge, underneath the vegetable crisper area. I’m not sure what a nematode is but I think they would grow real big there, along with tadpoles, lizards and other assorted crawling creatures. A nice cool damp place where the air is real pungent. I always say, Dear, “We should clean that fridge,” “what if Jesus comes?”

The interior of the kitchen cupboards doesn’t all get used, as our arms don’t reach high enough anymore to get past the first shelf. That means the first shelf has a tendency to be overloaded at all times. If you learn stacking tactics carefully, things don’t always come falling out each time you open the door. The item you want is always on the bottom though, pull it out at your own risk! If you try to raise your arms up to put a bowl on the second shelf make sure it’s not made of glass. If it comes down on top of your head that could be very dangerous. I finally got a mechanical fingers pick up stick, getting very good at putting smaller light items up on the second shelf and then bringing them back down the same way. I recommend this handy tool, they work great, you can even pick up your socks when you can’t bend down to the floor anymore.

The interior of our hall closet resembles the one Fibber McGee of radio days had, when he opened the door things always come falling out. He didn’t stack them right. I have learned if you put larger things at the bottom, you can pile clear to the ceiling. What I don’t understand is why we have cloths hanging in the closets from 50 years ago, they may have been worn once, 40 years ago. When you reach in to try to get something and pushing in either direction does not work, you know your closet bar is overloaded. A very good time for a donation, most places don’t recommend that you wait for 50 years.

The interior of our car really isn’t that bad. I will not tolerate fast food wrappers accumulating all over the floor, they have to be picked up after each trip. It is rather embarrassing, if you stop to visit somebody and food wrappers and cans are falling out of all the doors when you open them. Cookie crumbs get rather deep at times from afternoon trips and toast crumbs from morning commutes. I luckily found someone who changes my oil, he will also vacuum the car a very great service station.

There are new floor mats available for those who drink coffee while driving and they are washable. They come in one color, a deep dark brown Columbian roast coffee look, with a few splashes of a darker brown mixed in, to help keep your resale value up.

The interior of our large dresser drawers is really deplorable. I’m working on new legislation that will be passed by a simple majority, me and the cat. The law will read, All Dresser drawers must be sorted out according to the items that are being put back into them, socks in one drawer, underwear one drawer, pajamas and so on. When this legislation is passed and goes into effect, by this time next year our dresser drawers could be a thing of pride.



The interior of our kitchen drawers has an X rating, finding what you are looking for is almost impossible. The miscellaneous items used to be just in one place. All eight drawers are now miscellaneous drawers. It is not a unusual isolated thing, this will happen in any household where things are not put back into the same place. All drawers can legally be labeled miscellaneous.

The Department of the Interior in Washington DC was set up back in 1848 to manage all of the governments properties minerals and resources. I cannot understand why Washington will not pass the proper legislation for the Interior Department. They could easily take on the extra duty of managing the interiors of the citizen’s homes.

I just proofread this post, now I have some concern about the interior of my imagination along with my writing abilities. It is no doubt a symptom of deterioration of one of the interior parts of the left brain. Well, not to worry about my memory bank, ironic as it may sound my interest rate is the same as the savings bank, less than 1%. I will just go ahead and publish it anyway.