Reach Assistant



Show us something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.

Reach Assistant

This is without a doubt my favorite and most used repurposed tool. My arms don’t reach up well anymore so I have plenty of clothes hangers to work with, while clothes lay on the floor. If you find a tree branch that looks like a long, forked slingshot, you can hang your clothes on the closet bar with it. The modern pick up tools are much too floppy.

My left arm is mostly paralyzed and is very weak, consequently, I have a problem closing my car door after I get in. I fashioned this handy reach assistant from a coat hanger, I also have a longer one in case the wind blows my door open all the way and I can’t reach it with the short one.

This tool also works great for hooking my shoulder harness and seat belt and pulling it around in front of me. I’m sure many people have died or at least had heart attacks reaching around to locate their always hidden seat belt, I came close a few times.

This is my first repurpose tool to have two different uses in such close proximity. I take extra pride in that fact, even if it was discovered by accident. Most repurpose tools don’t seem to come from drawing boards, blueprints or engineering firms.

A great thing about using coat hangers for tools, you have a wide choice of colors to choose from. Not being fashion minded, I never match reach assistants to the coat color for the day.

4 thoughts on “Reach Assistant

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  2. I went looking for a wire hanger the other day to stretch it out and use the hook (very much the same way you have), but all I can find are plastic. Wire hangers are a rare commodity these days.


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