The Simple Life


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The Simple Life

I like to take sentimental trips back to the simple life, to the days of my youth. I often get nostalgic thoughts of my humble origin and those days of long ago. There was very little stress or strain badgering everyday people. Even during the worst of the wartime years, life was simple, uncomplicated at home. Family units were strong and supportive of one another.

Money was scarce, credit non existent, no hurry, or scurry to the shopping malls. There were no shopping malls! Daily life was just plain simple, poor innocent, people were more humble. Vanity was something you saw on the movie screen, you did not see it on the mirrors in your house or your neighbors house.

We cannot fool ourselves for long with nostalgic mental excursions back to the simple life. There is no going back, except for those magic short trips from time to time. Then it dawned on me, when you come to the end of this life on earth you are there, arrived back at the simple life. You have it far more abundantly than you ever dreamed, all of your family is with you again as a reward. What a glorious thing to think of, spending eternity with your simple life, in a simple place of peace, harmony and good will among all.

2 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. Life was simpler in the days of our youth. So many efficiencies have been introduced to simplify our life — but they seem to make things more complicated. Then, as you say, we shed many of the complications and are back to the simple!


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