Federal Oversight Committees?




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Oversight Committees

Gentlemen there was no forgetfulness or laxity on my part, a slight oversight maybe. “I’m not a crook!” I don’t understand why I have been hauled up in front of this House Select Oversight Committee. I do believe it must have been a slight clerical error. The 44 billion dollars was supposed to go into research and development on the new bomber for the Navy’s submarine fleet. Sir, “I have since learned the Navy submarine fleet does not use bombers.” “Thank you.”

I don’t have the foggiest idea how those funds ended up getting into my business accounts down South. My attorneys tell me that investment has been already re- leveraged. Now that it is in my personal business accounts the oversight committee will have an awful time getting it back out. The paperwork will be a huge, extra time. a burden, getting those funds back into federal coffers will just be too darn much paperwork.

Now I know we got an oversight committee checking on the working of this new Congress and I’m sure they’re going to do a very commendable job, every last one of them, to the last man, outstanding people, they have all been in Washington for at least 30 years so we know we can count on them to know all the ins and outs of every closet in town.

The new incoming oversight committee has not really been formed, so surely they’re not up to speed yet, don’t have on their running shoes so to speak. My dear colleagues, “If you consider my record and how long I have intimately known and worked with all of you.” “I know everything about each one of you.” “I’m sure you all will conclude and realize that this can be overlooked, you will all be rewarded.” I’m quite sure this could just as easily be overlooked, for the courts time if nothing else.

We are here in this closed-door meeting until we get this sorted out. “We could be on Mars, nothing leaves this room for other eyes or ears, right”? You all understand the complexity of book keeping between the Caman banks and Abu Dhabi. All the books look quite neat, tidy and orderly no oversights. You got to look over your shoulder, or out the window, look at everybody. I’m sure you’ll agree but mainly look to your futures. “You all will be rewarded discreetly and generously in your retirement years.”

The committee on Oversight and Government Reform, we will work with our colleagues in the minority to exercise effective oversight over the federal government and will work proactively to investigate and expose waste, fraud, and abuse.


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