Specific Gravity



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Specific Gravity

Go right in Larry, the doctor is waiting for you. Good morning Larry, “please sit down.” I have met with the other staff members, they feel it is time we review your treatment here at the State Hospital. You have been here for about six months now and are doing remarkably well. It would have helped if you would have communicated with me a lot sooner, instead of just staying in your room and not responding.

When we first started our visits you told me of an incident that happened the day you were born. You said, “The doctor whacked me on the rear and I showed very little response.” ” I heard him say, you have to be more specific than that Larry.” Then he spanked me a couple more times, holding me by my feet, I hung upside down. Then I started crying and breathing air for the first time. I remember that, just as if it was yesterday. Larry, people cannot recall what happened in the delivery room the day they were born.

I have here in your file records, ‘Larry tells of an incident when he was four years old, his father asked him to come out to the outside toilet.’ ‘When they got out to the toilet they can hear meowing.’ Your father asked, ‘”Do you know how that kitten get down in the toilet hole.” You replied, “He probably fell in.” Your dad said, “the door was closed, be more specific” ‘Maybe the cat went in the toilet with me.’ ‘Can you be more specific?’ “While I was playing with the kitten, it fell down the hole.” Larry, you got to be a lot more specific. I’m sorry, I dropped the kitten down in the toilet hole.” You then said, “Dad put his belt around my ankles and lowered me down into the toilet hole to retrieve that poor little kitten. You started crying and you promised never to do that again, I am covered with poop.” Your dad said, “so was the kitten”

In the next stage of your treatment we talked about your time at college. Larry, ‘You recalled working on a paper for over eight hours. You memorized this part, Concentrated urine: USG >1.035 (cat) Excretion of urine that is concentrated like this indicates that significant modification of glomerular filtrate (which has specific gravity of 1.008 to 1.012) has occurred by means of active resorptive processes in the renal tubes.

You told me you had to do extensive research to find out all available information about the specific gravity of cat urine. You were very proud of your project. Dr. Lieberman asked you to read your paper in front of the whole class. You happily read your thesis on the specific gravity of cat urine, as you were about to get to your climactic finish. Professor Lieberman said, “You must be more specific Larry.”

It was at that point that they had to use restraints and transport you here to the hospital. So without a doubt I have concluded the word specific is what triggers your severe anxiety and fear. Please, “come away from the window Larry and sit down, those windows have a very heavy mesh screen on them.” We will have to continue with your treatment until we can get you to the point where the word specific will not bother you anymore and make you want to hurt yourself. Please, “come back and sit down Larry, my secretary will let you out of the room when we are finished.”

That was a bad thing that you did do that little kitten but that was a long time ago, you have to stop thinking about it. Subconsciously it bothers you, the word specific makes you feel guilty and then you think of harming yourself because of what you did to that little cat. With all this information Larry, along with the story you told me about your father and the out house, it leads me to believe the word specific triggers the flashbacks that you have now. We know what the trigger is, we should be able to work on it and help you completely forget the original trauma..



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