Inferior Interior




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Inferior Interior

Dust mites, plus the interior of our two bedroom apartment are always on my wife’s mind. Mainly the inside of the windows, it is a topic of almost daily conversation. I tried to tell her, I cannot wash windows when the temperature is 30° below zero. Hopefully that will get me through until spring. This has been going on for a few years. Next spring I will have to consult a professional window washer. I should think window cleaning would be included in the high rent that we pay but apparently it is not. It’s not like we live on the 50th floor, we do live at ground level. If I try washing them myself I could not fall far enough to do great bodily harm..

The interior of our refrigerator is of little concern, it doesn’t seem to get much respect, unless the door is opened and the light comes on. That’s one good thing about refrigerators, they don’t have doors you can see through. Everything seems to get spilled and gravity does take it to the bottom of the fridge, underneath the vegetable crisper area. I’m not sure what a nematode is but I think they would grow real big there, along with tadpoles, lizards and other assorted crawling creatures. A nice cool damp place where the air is real pungent. I always say, Dear, “We should clean that fridge,” “what if Jesus comes?”

The interior of the kitchen cupboards doesn’t all get used, as our arms don’t reach high enough anymore to get past the first shelf. That means the first shelf has a tendency to be overloaded at all times. If you learn stacking tactics carefully, things don’t always come falling out each time you open the door. The item you want is always on the bottom though, pull it out at your own risk! If you try to raise your arms up to put a bowl on the second shelf make sure it’s not made of glass. If it comes down on top of your head that could be very dangerous. I finally got a mechanical fingers pick up stick, getting very good at putting smaller light items up on the second shelf and then bringing them back down the same way. I recommend this handy tool, they work great, you can even pick up your socks when you can’t bend down to the floor anymore.

The interior of our hall closet resembles the one Fibber McGee of radio days had, when he opened the door things always come falling out. He didn’t stack them right. I have learned if you put larger things at the bottom, you can pile clear to the ceiling. What I don’t understand is why we have cloths hanging in the closets from 50 years ago, they may have been worn once, 40 years ago. When you reach in to try to get something and pushing in either direction does not work, you know your closet bar is overloaded. A very good time for a donation, most places don’t recommend that you wait for 50 years.

The interior of our car really isn’t that bad. I will not tolerate fast food wrappers accumulating all over the floor, they have to be picked up after each trip. It is rather embarrassing, if you stop to visit somebody and food wrappers and cans are falling out of all the doors when you open them. Cookie crumbs get rather deep at times from afternoon trips and toast crumbs from morning commutes. I luckily found someone who changes my oil, he will also vacuum the car a very great service station.

There are new floor mats available for those who drink coffee while driving and they are washable. They come in one color, a deep dark brown Columbian roast coffee look, with a few splashes of a darker brown mixed in, to help keep your resale value up.

The interior of our large dresser drawers is really deplorable. I’m working on new legislation that will be passed by a simple majority, me and the cat. The law will read, All Dresser drawers must be sorted out according to the items that are being put back into them, socks in one drawer, underwear one drawer, pajamas and so on. When this legislation is passed and goes into effect, by this time next year our dresser drawers could be a thing of pride.



The interior of our kitchen drawers has an X rating, finding what you are looking for is almost impossible. The miscellaneous items used to be just in one place. All eight drawers are now miscellaneous drawers. It is not a unusual isolated thing, this will happen in any household where things are not put back into the same place. All drawers can legally be labeled miscellaneous.

The Department of the Interior in Washington DC was set up back in 1848 to manage all of the governments properties minerals and resources. I cannot understand why Washington will not pass the proper legislation for the Interior Department. They could easily take on the extra duty of managing the interiors of the citizen’s homes.

I just proofread this post, now I have some concern about the interior of my imagination along with my writing abilities. It is no doubt a symptom of deterioration of one of the interior parts of the left brain. Well, not to worry about my memory bank, ironic as it may sound my interest rate is the same as the savings bank, less than 1%. I will just go ahead and publish it anyway.

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