Recipe For Ridiculous Government


Your government has failed you. No it didn’t, you failed yourself, you are the government, you remained uninformed.



“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a society.” All you have to do is dumb it down and get people to quit reading. Ray Bradbury’s quote is important to society in more ways than one. If people cease to read books, then the acquisition of knowledge also stops …


True politicians run for office because they feel a call to serve their country, to give something back. They run for office to make the government work better for all the people and to strengthen the country and keep it secure for future generations.


We are now living in a time when far too many politicians run for office for the reasons of greed and power, the ability to accumulate large sums of money from wealthy contributors. It is a very sad thing that their patriotism seems to be with multinationals and conglomerates and a new world that will be run by a wealthy elite group.

I would like to send out a call to all the voters who remained uninformed during this past presidential election. Start getting yourself informed, read a newspaper, watch the news on TV, listen to the radio, just become informed about what is happening in Washington D.C..  While you do that, also stay  up to date on international news, we are all in this together. If you don’t like what is happening, contact your politicians and shake them up a little, tell them what you wish to have them do, while there are employed by you.

3 thoughts on “Recipe For Ridiculous Government

  1. Listen to MANY news sources. Not all reporters report the truth. Do no walk behind any politician blindly. Ask your own questions! Sometimes things are easier to see than you think if you just look!


  2. I agree with rogershipp above, following many news sources is the key. Blogging too is a wonderful way to learn about day to day life in other countries, almost as good as travel. One needs to know where our particular nation stands on a world scale. In our household I outsource in depth political study to my husband to whom it has been a life long hobby. Thus when I’m out photographing sunrises he is pouring through left, right and middle leaning newspapers. Naturally he broadcasts a summary of the day’s world situation upon my return. Brexit and muesli, Trump and toast and tears when I learnt of the world’s best leader stepping down…John Key of new Zealand. If only he would take up an international position.


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