Retreat From Repeal


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Retreat From Repeal

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed both houses of Congress and got President Obama’s signature on(March 23, 2010).

The Affordable Health Care Act was soon dubbed Obama care by the Republican Party. They did everything possible to disrupt any legislation that would help make it a worthy instrument to help solve the nation’s insurance and health care coverage problems. They swore to repeal The Affordable Health Care Act as soon as they regained control of the House and the Senate. They have been harvesting the low hanging fruit, “one issue votes” for years now. Yesterday the required amount of new lawmakers marched into Washington to  do what they had been promising those voters for many years now, “REPEAL OBAMA CARE”

Healthcare costs are like an all devouring, multi headed serpent, an arrow in the Achilles’ heel of the United States for decades. We have possibly the best hospitals doctors and research facilities in the world. This all costs a lot of money and a lot of that money gets passed on to the people using that healthcare. You might say the cost are out of this world and are unmanageable by millions of people. Inflation and incomes have left millions of people in limbo, costs are just too high.

That was not caused by Obama care. It was caused by millions of people getting all of their healthcare through an emergency room and then not paying for all of it. Left over costs get passed on to the people who pay their hospital bills with insurance, consequently their insurance premiums continue to rise also. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, when the majority of the people pay little or nothing somebody else has to make up the difference.

The people who despise Obama care or the Affordable Health Care Act have had many years to devise a plan to replace it with. Yesterday they were in a hurry to change the voting procedure, to make a simple majority all they needed to repeal it. They retreated from sworn ethics too.  A fly got into the ointment somehow, they started to wake up to the fact they had millions of voters who might loose their health insurance coverage. They didn’t even have a plan to replace it with!

It was all typical election year tactics and a way to get control of the legislature. Now they seem to be backpedaling at a rapid speed, talking about keeping a key part of affordable healthcare and they will try to tweak it a little bit. That is what they should have been doing while President Obama was still president! Working with Him for the sake of the country, not just the sake of their own pockets, overflowing from their contributors generosity. There are millions of people out here hoping that were going to finally get government by the people and for the people, it is long overdue. Let us hope their first day in retreat was their worst day.

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