Republican Rule Year One

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Republican Rule Year One

The United States of America is starting off on an adventurous year of change. It is 2017, a new president will be taking office. He will have the support of a one-party controlled legislative branch. They claim their first order of business today is to repeal what they call Obamacare, actually Affordable Health Care. The whole country anxiously waits to see what they will replace it with, as they have no plan yet, after eight years. They have always condemned a national health care plan in the past.


Partisan politics, division, deadlock and complete inaction has been the way our democratic government has been used by the GOP for the past eight years. Now they are at the helm, seeking calm, decorum and a smooth running democratic process, from a polite minority party. They vowed in 2008 to do everything possible to disparage the sitting President. They now have complete control so they will pretty much do what they think they have a mandate to do, even if there is no mandate. They have trouble getting along with themselves at times. “Must be that old ‘my way or the highway syndrome.’

There will be a lot of legislation passed early on, most of it to quickly slow down the growth of government spending. They also plan to repeal every bill signed by President Obama. This will mean deep cuts into what are called entitlement programs. Without entitlement programs new jobs will be needed. People in the real world out here, do need income and they need food and housing in order to survive, that is not always understood by many good old boys in congress.

The new president may have to follow the lead of an older president and start a Federal works program, similar to the WPA of the 1930s. Another thing the GOP detested and fought against, but it created jobs for people to have some income and still hold on to their dignity. There could be millions of new jobs created almost overnight for repairing, rebuilding and remodeling the infrastructure of the United States. Many jobs should be able to be returned to America, that were moved offshore for cheap wages, tax incentives and to break unions over the past 20 years.

The United States economy has been a consumer driven economy for over 40 years. It has been moving forward in the USA with increased personal debt, while most living standards moved backward. The national debt has been growing so fast it is worrisome to many economists. The citizens living at the lower income levels have been left out of the picture, as far as economic growth and development for far too long.

Wall Street has flourished while the Federal Reserve and big banks counted on the wage earner to take on huge debt for the sake of moving the economy forward. John and Jane Doe might quit using those plastic credit cards. If they do, the 2017 economy will have a very rude wake-up call.

The GOP still swears by trickle-down economics and austerity programs that help the Super Rich at the expense of the workers. There’s a good chance the word austerity will be spoken by millions this year.


This new year of 2017 could be a banner year for the country, if everyone bites the bullet together and gets a good hold on their bootstraps. Help each other pull them up if need be. This could all be done, if, for the first time in decades the politicians start to serve the people and consider future generation, instead of just serving the multinationals and conglomerates who put them into office.

All I can say is, Happy New Year and please do what is right.

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