Looking Back At 2016


Can you pull all the strands of your 2016 together before diving into the new year?

Looking Back At 2016

Here I sit like a sad looking granite statue with a crooked neck, in front of my computer. It is late afternoon, the winter sun is slowly descending on the horizon, there  are sun dogs on each side of it. A sure sign the temperature will be much below zero in the morning. I am sitting here, have been for most of the day with a very sore neck. I always take things far to literal, WordPress said, “Look back at last years writing.” Sitting all day with my head turned, has raised my pain level to 9.9. I’m asking myself why are you doing this.?

WordPress asked me to take a retrospective look at my past year, look back, that is what I’ve been trying to do. I take my blogging very serious, almost treat it like a 9-to-5 job. I don’t take a lot of pride in some of the things. I do take some pride in a few of my posts. I have read over some of my older posts in a hurry today, then quickly turned my head around looking back, anticipating a retrospective vision of some type, maybe an ancient spiritual message inside a modern cyber cloud. In desperation for anything to give me some relief!

All of a sudden little bells rang, a bright light lit up my cerebral walls, it dawned on me. I could do this right in my head, possibly without turning my head halfway around like an owl. I could get my WordPress dashboard pulled up on the ancient desk top monitor and search through my various posts. Like Joe Friday, I knew the case was solved, surly I can come up with one that can be deemed worthy of being a few degrees better than some of my hurry up posts.

I decided the story about my great grandfather coming to have dinner with the family would be the pick from my literary endeavors of last year. When I first looked at that assignment, I said to myself, this surely looks like an impossible task. How can I write about someone who has been dead for a century?

I had been doing a lot of genealogy work for the past few years and have developed a real closeness to my great grandfather. His father was a copper miner and a farmer in Norway, they were all miners, farmers or fisherman. After learning about their trials, tribulations and blessing, I felt much closer to all of them.

That is why I chose great-grand-father Ole Hoel to be our dinner guest, on Family Dinner Out. He seemed to have enjoyed dining with us, just a little shocked by our behavior. He left for Canada a wee bit confused, wondering why his grandson was a blogger and not a logger.

Just click on this link to read Family Dinner Out.



4 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2016

  1. You are incredibly talented. I am in awe of your writing.

    Following with intrigue to see what you will read about next. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing




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