Youthful Enthusiasm


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Youthful Enthusiam

There is one very special thing about working with young children or just being around them. They seem to overflow with enthusiasm, they are always eager to learn. They love to be involved and feel like they are helping. I’ll bet there have been many grandpas with a grandchild by his side helping with a fix up project. All grandpa has to say is “I’m probably going to need a different tool to finish this job.” As soon as that young child hears the words, “need a different tool” he takes off running for the toolbox, before he knows what tool he is going after. Usually, after the dust settles, they come back and ask, “Grandpa what did you need? Little Johnny was so enthusiastic to help, he forgot to wait long enough to see what he was going after.

Everyday life is full of things that are very hard to find any enthusiasm for. Most people have trouble finding any enthusiasm to go to the dentist’s office to get a tooth filled. If you had any enthusiasm at all for getting that aching, tooth fixed it wanes quickly when you see the smoke start coming out of your mouth because the drill bit was getting so hot.

Going to visit relatives should be a fun and fulfilling experience. Sharing with each other what has been going on in your lives. Many people find it hard to get enthusiastic about going to visit relatives, for the simple reason, shouting, arguing and bickering seems to always break out. Sometimes over one little word taken out of context, or in some cases hundreds of words in context. That could possibly be referred to as an argument or possibly just a one sided speech, or tirade.

Some people lose their enthusiasm for life after an illness or an accident. There are many life situations that leave a person disabled. We have to work hard sometimes to keep our enthusiasm for just getting out of bed, putting the clothes on, going to work, or just starting another day in this world. If we reach the point where we don’t have the enthusiasm to crawl out of bed anymore, that is not a very good sign, it show that we are giving up the fight to carry on and persevere, we need our enthusiasm renewed each day to press on.

Enthusiasm is a many splendored thing, a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it. Often times enthusiasm is not shared equally by a couple, in the bedroom. One fellow tried to explain it to the marriage counselor. “When she started to eat an apple while we were having sex, that was the last straw!” The marriage counselor suggested he should change whatever he is doing or quit buying apples.


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