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Mystical Life

If you believe everyone is in God’s Book of Life, you were born into a mystical world. If not, your still being born into a mystical life, if we could talk at birth. We would probably say, “What am I doing here? What is this place?” Later in life as we learn to talk, get in trouble etc., we continue to wonder and say. “What am I doing here?” “Why did that happen?” “I didn’t deserve that!” There is not much that is supernatural about life, we just do not understand the whys and wherefores of it.

A long life will include many personal contacts, a mystical walk with hundreds of different people at your side. All in different locations and at different times. Each one will communicate different things to you, you will sort all of this information out in your own mind. You will hopefully use the positive information and possibly just discard the harmful or bad information.

The mystical part all boils down to the fact, how you control what goes in your brain and what will stay there and what will be eliminated, forgotten, or might return as an unpleasant memory at any time later in your life. It is not really mystical that you control what is in your mind, it is your strength, your power to survive and to excel at whatever you choose to do. There is no simple explanation as to how it works.

As infants our mystical life is controlled by other people.They care for us, feeding us, nurturing us, taking care of all our daily needs. That is the most important part of the mystical life. Our later lives are being programmed in those formative years. It is of the utmost importance, who is there teaching us in our early years. That will determine in most cases how our later lives will be lived.

When we get past adolescence and we decide to strike out on our own, a new type of education is begun, trial and error. You might choose to spend time with the wrong people and decide to discard everything you knew and learned in your formative years. Hopefully you will learn much from what you do in your daily lives from your type of employment, education and experience. We then mix all that with our formative years training. Life goes on, even smoothly at times.

Many times during our lives we will think we have the mystical life pretty well figured out. We have all the answers, at about that time the mystical, mystery of life starts changing the questions on us. If we didn’t pay attention at first, we will continue to pay more attention as we advance in years. Much of our mystical life is filled with awe at the beauty of our surroundings, the love of our friends and family.

Being able to be active and productive, well into advanced years is the best part of living a mystical life. We might get to spend a 100 years trying to understand this great, mystical life we are freely given. If we are lucky, each new day starts with a clean slate and the answers all come out of little bit different.

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