We Three In Transition





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We Three In Transition

Much of my time is now spent in my lift chair either reclined or in a position that can stand me straight up. It is a great place from which to oversee my kingdom. That now consists of a kitchen, dining, living room combination away from two small bedrooms and a bathroom with just enough room for the right moves. I have started to observe the three of us more closely in recent months. By the three of us, I mean my wife, myself, and our cat Princess. We have all recently moved into a transitional stage, I am quite sure that the next stage liminal means between life and death. I speculate lately, who will be first to reach out to grab liminal, for the peace that goes with it.

Our cat Princess, being a typical cat has used most of her nine lives. As a small kitten she was picked up either by an owl or a hawk, being pure white she was an easy target. She no doubt scratched her attacker and then was dropped back to earth with several puncture holes in her back and no doubt having a very hard landing. Little Princess was a tiny kitten to start with but the outside cats pushed her away and would not let her eat any food. So I made the decision, Princess could stay in the house until she got well and could fend for herself along with the other cats. This was about 16 years ago and Princess is still in the house. I watch her now as she sleeps, which is most of the time, like my wife. Princess goes into a fetal position and doesn’t seem to rest well. She tosses and turns in her sleep and recently started calling out, making dreadful noises in her sleep. She is possibly thinking about her attacker from when she was just a baby. Little Princess seems to be moving from transitional into the liminal stage.

My wife and I both use walkers to get around because our balance is bad. She is on oxygen 24/7. Our living room has oxygen tubing running around the floors, piled in different places, wrapped around walker wheels and usually around my heels as I walk. It is like a two ring circus, or world cup walker relays. There is something about living in a small apartment, even after 46 years of marriage the walls start to close in. Small, insignificant things makes tempers flare up, then boil over like the proverbial pot on the electric stove. Sometimes just small things, like smoke alarms ringing because a pan on the stove always has smoke coming out of it. Just getting out of the house into a different environment is a major undertaking when you have to haul oxygen tanks and walkers everyplace you go. You will find a way to get out though, so you don’t end up in the slammer for a really serious capital offence.

We all seem to be ok in the transitional stage yet and try not to think much about liminal. The alternative for Princess would be that big sand box in the sky. For us other two, the alternative would be the old folks home where you don’t have very many options left, just take a number and wait. I will continue to oversee the situation here on E. Ash St. from my elecric throne. I can hope this existence will continue on for many more years. Scratch that part, hopefully this existence will continue as long as we can all contribute a little bit to each others daily existence.


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