Hopeful World 2017

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Hopeful World 2017

The one-word prompt for New Year’s Eve 2017 is the word ‘Hopeful,’ a better word could not have been chosen for the starting of this new year. We in the United States will be starting a new year with mostly new political figures controlling our whole country from the nation’s capital. The actions of the past of divisiveness, partisan politics and cronyism and many other wrong things has taken away much hope from the citizens. That has been the prevailing atmosphere for many years in Washington DC. When 2018 starts, I hope we don’t look back, as those being the good years.

I believe that is why hopeful was the best choice WordPress could have made for the one-word prompt on December 31, 2016. My days of wearing party hats, using noisemakers when bringing in the New Year,  are things from the past for me. So to bring in the new year, I am one of the few people sitting in front of a computer screen putting my thoughts into my blog site.

We must be hopeful every day that we get out of bed that that day will go well. If we do our best every day and press on, our chances of being hopeful and happy are very good. Just being hopeful and not acting upon it, is a fairly wasted way of life. Our attitudes and actions are very good barometers of how hopeful we feel in our hearts and in our minds.

Man’s best hope has always been that good will prevail over evil, that is the hope that all religions talk about when teaching about good and evil. The evil road is usually fairly easy to travel without too many obstacles, the main obstacle of the evil road is, each day that you travel it, it takes more of your hopeful attitude out of your body and soul until you are traveling down the road as an empty shell without hope.

I have spent most of my life which has been 76 years up to this point, being hopeful about good prevailing over evil. In spite of the overwhelming worldly distractions, I still hold on to that hope, good will prevail. In the end, evil will be no more.

It is now possible through blogging, I would like to wish everyone in this whole world a hopeful, peaceful, fulfilling 2017. Please stop killing, terrorizing and torturing each other, all life is precious. Live and let live! The World is full of people who are hungry and starving. Let us all start to help one another, work together, instead of trying to destroy each other.

We all just want to live. Let everyone in this world be hopeful that our governments will all start to learn that. People love one another! I send out a call to all of the world leaders, “please” just take a long look at the citizens of your country, they will get along with everyone else in this whole world. Please learn from them and run your governments accordingly, please do this starting in this new year 2017.



Deadwood Bounty


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Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Deadwood Bounty

Winter was coming on, hard, long and strong in Dakota Territory. It would soon turn so windy and cold the buffalo wouldn’t even roam. The deer and antelope wouldn’t be playing diddly squat! They would just all stand around looking at each other with extra long faces,  icicles on their noses, from breathing frozen air. They knew they had no bed of roses to lay on, they had about nine months of winter ready to hit them in their rear ends.

It is always better to stand with your rear end turned toward the wind. It will still be cold but it won’t be hitting you in the face. I bet the prehistoric critters even did that, it don’t take a lot of smarts to know you don’t want frigid wind blowing straight into your face. That ice cold wind makes the tears run so fast you can’t even see, they run down your cheeks and freeze on your chin.

There are some absolute, universal, set in stone rules that apply to the wind, even if you don’t call the wind Maria. May the wind be always at your back. Always hang your wash and blankets out in the wind. Best to fly your kite on a windy day. Don’t ever spit, or pee into the wind. Wind that is passed, can last and last!

I had a problem in Deadwood when I made an early withdrawal with my six shooter. The folks at that bank didn’t cotton to that withdrawal method, very durn much. I grabbed the money and left town fast as my old horse could go. Them folks put a bounty on my head faster than that big city haberdasher feller put a new hat on me.

Slim, my sidekick thought it was time to head on down south, winter or not. He didn’t want posses chasing him all over creation until the meadowlarks come back in the spring, guess I can see his point there. We were probably the first snow birds who went south on horse back.

Sitting tall in the saddle we peacefully rode on South, the angle of the Fall sun warm on our faces. We overflowed with anticipation of fun and frolic, thoughts and anxious talk about old El Paso. It seemed to confirm we still had imaginations. We may have to discuss a stop in Wichita to see if any banks there have donations for our winter retreat, or sabbatical from the law.  Another bounty or two won’t make much difference one way or the other.

Slim and I was just outside of Wahoo Nebraska. I said, “Slim, I don’t like their Sheriff Edward Walker one little bit.” Lets camp outside of town there tonight and I will steal his horse.” We could use a spare horse on our way to El Paso, my old horse is getting awful slow, I can’t take a chance on some fast posse running me down.

I never did do well behind bars, in any jail, large or small, that dinky little window always drove me nuts. Those little jail windows draw birds like moths to a flame, then they all sing about flying away from these prison walls, stuff like that. Their little bird songs seem to all say, “your a jail bird, you can’t fly.” I’m a real bird, “I’ll fly away”!


My Mixed Blog- Best of 2016


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Looking Back At 2016


Can you pull all the strands of your 2016 together before diving into the new year?

Looking Back At 2016

Here I sit like a sad looking granite statue with a crooked neck, in front of my computer. It is late afternoon, the winter sun is slowly descending on the horizon, there  are sun dogs on each side of it. A sure sign the temperature will be much below zero in the morning. I am sitting here, have been for most of the day with a very sore neck. I always take things far to literal, WordPress said, “Look back at last years writing.” Sitting all day with my head turned, has raised my pain level to 9.9. I’m asking myself why are you doing this.?

WordPress asked me to take a retrospective look at my past year, look back, that is what I’ve been trying to do. I take my blogging very serious, almost treat it like a 9-to-5 job. I don’t take a lot of pride in some of the things. I do take some pride in a few of my posts. I have read over some of my older posts in a hurry today, then quickly turned my head around looking back, anticipating a retrospective vision of some type, maybe an ancient spiritual message inside a modern cyber cloud. In desperation for anything to give me some relief!

All of a sudden little bells rang, a bright light lit up my cerebral walls, it dawned on me. I could do this right in my head, possibly without turning my head halfway around like an owl. I could get my WordPress dashboard pulled up on the ancient desk top monitor and search through my various posts. Like Joe Friday, I knew the case was solved, surly I can come up with one that can be deemed worthy of being a few degrees better than some of my hurry up posts.

I decided the story about my great grandfather coming to have dinner with the family would be the pick from my literary endeavors of last year. When I first looked at that assignment, I said to myself, this surely looks like an impossible task. How can I write about someone who has been dead for a century?

I had been doing a lot of genealogy work for the past few years and have developed a real closeness to my great grandfather. His father was a copper miner and a farmer in Norway, they were all miners, farmers or fisherman. After learning about their trials, tribulations and blessing, I felt much closer to all of them.

That is why I chose great-grand-father Ole Hoel to be our dinner guest, on Family Dinner Out. He seemed to have enjoyed dining with us, just a little shocked by our behavior. He left for Canada a wee bit confused, wondering why his grandson was a blogger and not a logger.

Just click on this link to read Family Dinner Out.



Life’s Path



For this end-of-year challenge, consider your own path.

Life’s path

Life path, or walk, is like a trip through a maze, it offers bewilderment, confusion and perplexity but also amazement. There are many choices or paths and directions to follow. This could be a very short trip, in case of a tragedy or it could be a very long and rewarding trip. Time spent in the maze depends upon the choices and the paths that we follow. In this story, I picture life as being lived out in that maze, you exit the maze when you die.

When a new life is born it is not particular where it takes place, it could be in an airplane, taxicab, at home, maybe on a walking path in the middle of a rice paddy, or possibly even in a hospital delivery room. That baby may stay on mother’s back while she works in the rice paddies, or could come home from the delivery room to a silver spoon in it’s food, maybe sleeping in a heirloom baby cradle, or if the parents were poor, the first bed might be in a dresser drawer. That new life requires instant, constant care, feeding and nurturing to get it started off on the right path that it will soon start to follow.

When a child first learns to walk everyone in the family is happy to see the healthy little child walking all by itself. They watch the little one on wobbly legs quickly sit down on its rear, with encouragement then crawl back to a standing up place to walk some more. This little life is getting ready to start into that maze of life, to choose which path to follow. Already knowing, when you fall down, get right back up!

A child’s first days at school should be exciting and full of enthusiasm and anticipation as they start learning what education is all about. Hopefully they had a good start at home with mothers and fathers reading to them, telling them stories and learning the basics of what education will be as the child grows into adolescence and then adulthood. Those first educational paths are possibly the most important paths in a person’s life.

During the time of adolescence the maze can quickly turn into a labyrinth, with several paths leading to one place, destruction. The young people today, are constantly tempted from many directions, by far to many wrong things to take part in. Special care needs to be taken on which paths to take. Hopefully they will listen to warnings from parents, teachers and caring friends. There are many times when just one wrong path harms the person for the rest of his life. This might be called the school of hard knocks. The problem is, one mistake can be very costly and do irreversible damage to the mind and the body.

After formal education is done, a decision has to be made on which path to take into the working world. Usually there are several choices on the path to follow according to what educational experience you received. There are many jobs in the working world where you learn as you go, learning on the job is usually experience, or education that you never forget.

Which path to follow as far as finding a marriage partner. This should not be a haphazard, trial and error adventure. Sometimes it can be awful hard just waiting for Cupid to show up with his little bow and quiver overflowing with arrows. It might be best to follow where your heart leads you, instead of your head. The path to follow must be full of pot holes, many sharp turns and very complicated, when we consider so many unmarried couples and such a high divorce rate in this world.

Life’s path or maze can appear to be very scary, and difficult at best, when there are so many different paths to take. We know there will be wrong paths taken, hopefully we learn from that path and don’t take it again. I am nearing the end of my path, my body and my sneakers both show it! Hopefully the last days will be at a ripe old age with smiles on our faces, knowing that we did our best. Then we can rest in peace.





I have a blog site that I call My Mixed Blog. I have written several stories there about a spinal cord injury that I received in 1964. My lower spinal column was fractured and dislocated along with some spinal cord injury. I am now 76 years old, that injury happened when I was 24. I have lived all these years with the usual debilitating problems from the original injury. Plus I have developed syringomyelia and spinal stenosis over that same period of time. I’ve had two different drain shunts put into my spinal cord to drain out excess pressure and fluid, also vertabrate, disc surgery in my neck and treatment for spinal stenosis.

For most of these years I have lived with a repeated, almost daily, unanswered question. How have I survived this long? My answer has always been, through prayer and some very timely intervention with great neurology and orthopedic surgeons and some ‘LUCK’. In 1985 the neurology Dr. I was visiting had no idea why I was becoming paralyzed on my left side. A student Dr. that just happened to be sitting in with him that day, had just studied about a spinal cord condition known as syringomyelia, she told the doctor about it, he’d never heard of it. A week later a shunt was being placed into my spinal cord to drain out excess fluid and pressure.

It is only recently that I’ve come to realize my survival is no doubt connected to my Finnish Heritage. To a powerful, simple, little word called sisu. I believe that Finnish people are truly blessed, to be born with sisu, no doubt other nationalities are also born with sisu. The Finnish people retain the ability to understand the meaning and the workings, of and the power of sisu. I believe each individual has control over how he uses that power in his daily life. One can reach into the soul, down deep, to use that extra strength at the proper time.

I have enclosed a definition of the word Sisu at the bottom of this post, it comes as part of a quote from the Finnlandia University in Hancock, Michigan.

“Our Finnish Heritage”
“A new land, a new start”

“That’s how our Finnish founders felt about relocating to a new country. This same pioneering spirit is still alive today as new lives are forged at Finlandia University.”


“To the Finnish people, sisu has a mystical, almost magical meaning. Sisu is a unique Finnish concept. It is a Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

Sisu is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain that courage. It is a word that cannot be fully translated. It defines the Finnish people and their character. It stands for the philosophy that what must be done will be done, regardless of cost.

Sisu is an inherent characteristic of the Finnish people. You might call it backbone, spunk, stamina, guts, or drive and perseverance. It is a measure of integrity that surpasses the hardship and sees through to the end.”


White Christmas



This is what the Leland Olson place looked like at Christmas time in the year 2012. Here it is now 2016 and the weatherman is forecasting possible thunder showers for Christmas Day. I wonder if that’s what they mean in Washington D.C., when they talk about global warming being all a bunch of hot air.

The global weather patterns have always moved from west to east. It is now starting to appear there has been a huge, hot air mass stationary over Washington D.C.. That hot air has started moving from East to West in the hope of reversing global warming. I don’t think it’s going to run very well in reverse.