Culture Overload

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Culture Overload

Just what do you mean, I ain’t got no culture? I got culture up to my eyebrows, but I’m still not a high brow. I was darn good at picking up paw paws down at the paw-paw patch, put them in my pocket or a basket or wherever you wanted them.

I had lots of edgecation, that raised my culture to stratospheric levels, could have been a dad burn astronaucht you might say “I was high on education for a while.” One of my professors once told me you can lead a hor to culture but you can’t make her think. He must’ve been a lot more edgecated than me, since he was trying to develope my moral faculties. Spruce up the old culture level you might say.

When you stop to think about culture, you have to wonder to yourself, “How much enlightenment and excellence of taste can one person acquire during his intellectual training. You can only absorb so much culture, until your full of it! Some is going to spill over I suppose. That will really mess with your head and cause mass confusion. If you can have mass confusion inside of one head?

I was awful sick for a while here a few months back. I had a terrible sore throat. The doctor looked me over had me say awe, stuff like that. Then he felt of my throat, squeezed on it and he says, “I better take a culture.” Doc, what do you mean take a culture?” “You gonna mess with my head?” I don’t want to lose none of my culture you know. He said, “I will send a swab to the lab, see what they got to say about having any kind of bacteria.

Here I go, still learning more, I knew absolutely nothing about people with culture having bacteria also. Life sure does get complicated at times, with all that culture and stuff crammed into your head!

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