Or For Sure


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Or For Sure

Or is used as a function word to indicate that there is an alternative. With my father, when he used the word or, there was usually no alternative. His most famous or was, “You kids better quiet down upstairs. Or, do you want me to tuck you in with my belt? Or, if you kids keep that up, Your mother will have a conniption fit. Or do you care? There will be a price to be paid by each one of you?

Or, if you’ve been acting up at the dinner table, there will be no dessert for any of you. Do you want to wash the dishes or dry them? Do you have your homework done, or are you just going to school to take up space? They already have all the astronauts they can use, or did you know that? I would recommend doing your homework right after the dishes, or there will be no TV. Our parents got divorced as we were just entering into our teen years. Life suddenly got harder, or we at least thought it did.

Our mother must have been lonely or afraid, she married a fellow who was 20 years older than her. This sounds like it’s impossible, he was a cross between a mean, nasty, junkyard dog and sneaky as a snake. With him, “everything was always,  my way or the highway.” My brother and I took all the abuse we could handle for a couple years. That’s when we remembered my way or the highway, we chose the highway. We ran away from home and went to an aunt and uncle’s house. The sheriff said, “you boys can’t do that, you have to go back and stay with your mother until the court decides where you should live. We looked at each other, an instant or quick conclusion was made. There was no way we were going to go back to that house again.

The sheriff said, “Well boys you will have to go to school from the County jail until the court makes its decision, or maybe longer.” We agreed, we can live with that, or so we thought. So for over a week we went to school from the women’s jail. Our friend gave us some funny looks, like wondering what kind of mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. The judge decided we could live with our aunt and uncle. We both felt bad for our mother, letting her down or running out on her after all she had done for us.

There are many times during a life when the two letter word or becomes a very big word with a lot of meaning.


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