Second Thoughts = Better Health


Second Thoughts = Better Health

When you make a decision to do something do you feel it will be my way or the highway? Do you have second thoughts about your decision? Are you positive enough that your decision is right, that you accept it as it is? Not even allowing for a second thought to enter your mind. If you are a type A person, you may be very sure of yourself and your decision. You would never consider having second thoughts about changing your opinion. You feel very positive about yourself, possibly to the point of developing high blood pressure. You are a very competitive person but also self-critical and might carry some doubt subconsciously about having second thoughts.

If you’re a type B person you could possibly be weighing the pros and cons of a second thought, even before your first thought is finalized completely to your satisfaction. You are open minded and flexible enough to listen to change from others. You can quite easily accept change within yourself on decision-making. You have a fairly laid-back disposition, content with yourself, easy-going and relaxed the majority of the time. You could easily consider having a second thought about something, if presented to you by a coworker. Your work fits you quite well, you feel no acid reflux or hypertension problems from having a second thought.

Type C people are the not very plentiful in management level jobs or decision-making positions in any organization. They seem to have difficulty expressing their emotions, especially negative emotions. If discussion should arise over second thoughts about an issue during a meeting, this person would no doubt remain quiet and not share much input into the discussion. He would more than likely go along with the status quo, being fairly easy-going. He has no problem mulling over a second thought, maybe even a third thought. Type C people will remain open to suggestions, quite easy to be swayed with an argument because they are nice and avoid conflict at all cost.

3 thoughts on “Second Thoughts = Better Health

    • Dear Thea, I’m very pleased to see that you are up and about and doing your work diligently. I was afraid you may have slipped from your lofty perch, there on the roof in your fair city. I see that your cup runs over again, but not with the sweet honey but with strong words to be received sweetly into the ears of your followers. Praises and blessings will always be yours as you follow Yahuwah / Yahusha in everything that you do.
      My old body doesn’t want to get out of the bed anymore, that is not a good sign. It’s hard to kick yourself in the rear while you’re laying in bed, but I managed to do it and get up anyhow. When the slippage starts in my upper gears, there between the ears, I will have much despair. A seek daily strength and am so blessed to receive it. I often wonder how long, HE will continue to carry me. I thought I used to make my own footprints but it is harder to do now. Best wishes, Leland


      • Thanks my brother for the encouragement. There is no way I can fall by the waist because, He gives me hind’s feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

        O my brother, He is doing the same for you. Don’t look around in terror and lay down. look up and get up! He will do rest!

        Watch your nutrition, sugar, wheat and pork are the three culprits that are killing you and all consuming such.

        That’s my two cents worth if they might be worth it at all. much love, thiaBasilia.


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