A Writers Lament

Testing Early Football Helmets

Testing Early Football Helmets

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A Writers Lament

I know my writing irks some, I hope not all. Now I’ve gone and done it again! I irked you with my opening line. How irksome can I get? I have made myself kooky and quirky searching for the proper prose, not something so offensive to the nose.

When I tell a story, people start to walk away, very soon some end up running, while looking back and shaking their heads. I found that to be very hurtful to me. If they thought my story was irksome, they should have just told me, it irked me to the core when they ran out the door.

Instead of telling a story that may sound irksome, I will carefully write it down, I will choose all of my words with special care and then I will watch someone read it. I watched and watched, the reader did not show an irksome trace. Then I became confused as the person closed the book, slammed it down, threw his hands up in the air with a very troublesome look on his face.

If I can’t tell a story or write it down without having it become irksome, maybe I should set my words to music and sing them to someone. I believe I have stumbled upon my million-dollar idea to become rich. I will write songs with nothing in them to make people feel irksome. I soon finished my first song, as I started to joyusly, overflow with song, the neighbors dog howled along. My budding career abruptly ended on a wearsome, irksome note.

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