Big Strong Tiny


1951 Crosley Station Wagon

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Big Tiny

The meaning of the word tiny is, “something very small, diminutive or microscopic.” When it comes to people, someone who is very large usually ends up with the nickname Tiny. Many years ago we went to old-time dances, where they played polka, schottische, and waltz music. One of the bandleaders who played at our local dance hall was named Big Tiny Little. He appeared to be about four feet wide. He played a piano mostly but he had a an accordion the size of a Wurlitzer Piano. He was a very popular musician in this area. He later went on to perform on the Lawrence Welk show for many years. Big Tiny Little will always be remembered as a big time musician in these parts.

We had a neighbor for many years nicknamed Tiny, he was one of the biggest Norwegian man I believe I have ever seen. You maybe heard the old saying, “That guy was big enough to eat hay!” He no doubt had to go to the BIG BIG man store or to Omar The Tentmakers shop for his clothing. He wasn’t fat, just solid muscle.

At hay bailing time, He would sit on the hay rack with a pitchfork, his brother drove the tractor. Tiny would pitch the bales onto the rack with his pitchfork, from a sitting position yet!. A regular pitchfork would not stand that type of punishment, he had a custom-made pitchfork with a solid, steel handle on it. It was a sight to see, as he sat on the rack pitching bales with his trusty fork, as if they didn’t weigh anything.

I ate dinner with their family a few times and I never noticed Tiny eat any extra amount, or eat much more than anyone else at the table. What he did eat must have all turned into making for a bigger body. In the wintertime, temperatures could be freezing or below and you would see him driving into town in his old truck with his bare arm sticking out of the trucks open window. The cold didn’t seem to bother him at all.

A cousin of mine once owned a Crossley car, they weren’t a very large car, one day as he was about to back away from the curb, Tiny walked up behind the car and picked the back end off the ground. My cousin sat there just spinning his wheels. Everyone in the area laughed and were surprised at his incredible strength, holding the car up the air.

Tiny was very easy going person which was probably a blessing. If he ever had gotten mad the consequences might have been quite dire indeed. He did start to take a little drink later on in his life, not sipping whiskey. He could chug-a-lug a pint of whiskey as if it was a bottle of soda pop. I don’t think anyone ever did see him get drunk, he would just quietly sleep for a while.

Tiny was always healthy but as he got older he developed kidney problems and had to go to dialysis which was a 30 mile drive away. He went to his dialysis as regular as clockwork, never complained about any problems, he was always the jolly, happy-go-lucky, HUGE Tiny self up to the end of his life.

One thought on “Big Strong Tiny

  1. The “Tiny” in my hometown was the local hotel owner. She had her own five kids, but rented rooms upstairs in the hotel to young men down on their luck, or at odds with their parents. NO female even thought about going up those stairs. She was a huge lady in our town that every one loved and respected.


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