Waiting to Vote



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Waiting to Vote

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 another Presidential Election day is rapidly approaching in the United States of America. Would you please use your right and privilege to cast your ballot and vote for the candidate of your choice? Will you stand in line for a long period of time? Even if the waiting line goes around the block? It might be necessary, to be able to cast your vote. We still have a democracy, we put leaders in office with ballots instead of bullets. We are the envy of the world for having the freedom to choose our leaders at the voting booth.

We claim to have a Democracy. The people who are elected to office are elected to represent all the people. That also includes those who didn’t vote for them. They are supposed to be working for the good of the country and all the people in it. Many, instead serve the whims and wishes of their wealthy contributors or private interest groups. It is written, their obligation is to represent all of the people while they are in office.

The pitiful,  poor record that many politicians have when it comes to honesty and integrity has created voter apathy, turned voters away from the voting booths in past years. Crooked politicians no doubt would rather have it that way,  the only way to keep these varmints from getting back into office is with the ballot and it may take waiting in line to cast that ballot. The citizens must also become informed about the candidates before they can vote intelligently, we all need to do our homework when it comes to knowing the candidates better.

In the year 2008 a United States President was elected by a majority vote. He was disliked by many and hated by the opposition party.”The opposition party swore the day he took office, never to work with him.” The majority of the opposition vowed to do everything they could to hamper the progress of that man. He is still their president too. They also hampered the progress of the Nation, as many things never got accomplished, that should have been accomplished during those years. That Undemocratic, childish, PARTISAN charade lasted eight years!

The GOP spent so much time fighting amongst themselves, over how to confound the president, in office, they never managed to spend time grooming their own candidate for this coming presidential election. For eight years their interests were strictly partisan politics, and catering to the whims and wishes of their wealthy contributors.

The party leaders seemed to be in complete shock, awe and disarray that someone who didn’t march to their drummer became the nominee for this year’s presidential election. In hindsight many of them must now know they would’ve been much better off getting a candidate ready for office, than playing political games for eight years.

Get out and vote at this presidential election, waiting if you have to, then support the person who gets elected. Don’t go home feeling defeated go home and accept the fact that the person who became elected had the majority of the votes and the support of the majority of the citizens. That is all we can do in a democracy, and all we can ever hope to do. We must learn to work together. Our great country as she stands today, costantly divided, from curbed streets, to senate chambers, shall not survive.

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9 thoughts on “Waiting to Vote

  1. An excellent essay on the value of voting. In California, we have always been able to vote absentee — this year they have been promoting “vote-by-mail.” We have State, county and local elections as well as the Federal, and 17 State propositions! It took a lot more time than just standing in line — I had studied the props, and yet it took me 2 hours to complete my ballot, at home in a quiet environment, double checking each selection as I went. I’ll not stand in line, but I will spend a lot of time voting!


  2. Excellent post. I don’t understand how people can turn their backs on what i see as a responsibility we’re in duty bound to take, for the privilege of living in a democracy. (But then voting’s compulsory here (Australia) so I guess I see it differently.)


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