Universe in Transformation



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Universe in Transformation

Everything in our world and in this universe has been going through some form of transformation since its day of origin. Transformation is a constant state of change. Everything Is being transformed into something different. In most cases, the transformation is degrading, harmful to the original state or condition and making the original less useful. For instance, there air is being transformed with more and more pollution. This could continue until it’s no longer breathable for man or animal. Potable water is polluted until it is not fit for human consumption.


Transformation certainly does not have to always be negative. In the case of the ugly cocoon turning into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. A small thorny flower bud bursting open as a beautiful Red Rose!Transformation could easily bring good, instead of bad to everything. Hopefully mankind will soon, or eventually consider those future generations who will need to reside on this Planet Earth. Technology could turn, transform this place back into a Garden of Eden flowing with Fountains of Youth. It all has to improve, be made better for future populations and for the sake of our planet and the whole universe.


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