Gender-Neutral Facilities

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Gender Neutral

My mind is open to gender-neutral bathrooms, they also benefit transgender populations and other people who exist outside of the gender binary; people with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone else who may require the assistance of someone of another gender; and parents who may wish to accompany their children to the washroom or toilet facility
Making public facilities accessible to diverse populations has long been a divisive issue.

Unisex public toilet

“Gender segregated restrooms in the United States and Europe are a vestige of the Victorian era where women’s modesty and safety were considered at risk and under constant need of surveillance and discipline. While public water closets were considered necessary for sanitation reasons, they were viewed as offending public sensibilities. Because public facilities were associated with access to public spaces, extending these rights to women was viewed as “immoral” and an “abomination”. While some public facilities were available to women in London by 1890, there were much fewer than those available to men.”

California became the first state within the US to legally require all single occupancy bathrooms to be gender-neutral from March 1, 2017. The rest of the Nation might as well get off the pot and follow their lead, or maybe end up waiting in line.

I have been in favor of using gender-neutral facilities for my whole life. I would not recommend the following facility for LAX, they would no doubt prefer more modern, polished and up-to-date facilities at the airport.


Speaking of lax, I do recommend using some lax, as long as it is not over used, it must be gentle and mild.

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