Parental Panic



Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner- 2016 Week #41

Parental Panic

Scott’s father returns from work and doesn’t see his son’s swimming flippers or snorkel on the porch. Mira, “did you let Scott go swimming by himself?” It’s midweek, there is no one at the beach. He shouldn’t be down there by himself, a shark was out there last week. I go to work and you let him go alone? I can’t believe it, “you don’t care, he is only your stepson!”

I’m going down there to make sure everything is OK. Scott’s dad gets to the beach, the child is nowhere in sight. He spots his swim flippers near the water, one has blood on it. He goes nuts, ballistic, screaming and yelling as he runs back, to call the rescue squad. He calls 911, soon there are sirens wailing as vehicles pull up to the beach.

I have to get back down there. Pack your bags Mira, your out of here! The neighbor lady, Mrs. Parson calls, Myra, “what’s going on, with all the sirens? “Bob thinks something happened to Scott. Stop crying Myra, “Scott cut his foot, he came here because it was closer, he is just fine.”

Bob cried, while Mira drove away.

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