Original Old Coot


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Original Old Coot

He was the original self made man, excelling in many fields. As an electronic and computer technician, writer, and historian. He was the original jack of all trades, no one can deny that. He was not a genius but always truly capable to meet the task at hand. He was always given to thinking and acting in a constructive, independent, creative, individualistic, manner. He was also a quiet, pious man, the reserved original thinker.

To some who did not know him well, they may have seen a bragger, he made a slightly different impression. He came across as the different original, quirky or an unusual person. They saw him as a lone individual, an eccentric, nonconformist, maybe as a free spirit or a maverick. At the same time almost reclusive as a hermit might be. If that was true it was a side that was well hidden, but he would gladly tell you about it.

Now that I have his simple epitaph completed, I shall shop for a monument to put it on.


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