Be Careful When You Wish


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Be Careful When You Wish

Careful means done with, or showing thought and attention. Be very careful and cautious when you want to wish for something. Consider all of the ramifications it might have, be sure the wording of your wish is quite correct. Could it cause problems for you or your family? You most certainly want to weigh all the pros and cons before making that wish.

We had a cabin at Lake Poinsett, in South Dakota for many years. People living at a lake love to have the lake at a perfect level at all times, you don’t want too much water, you don’t want too little water, you want the level to be just right for anything and everything you plan to do on that lake. There is only one thing wrong that, it is impossible, it will never happen. Several years ago, the lake got low, not extremely low, but it was a lot lower than fishermen, boaters, water skiers and other water enthusiasts wanted.

The next year it went down a little lower. Some people got panicky, they were almost going to extremes to get water into the lake. You can’t carry it in buckets, the lake is 7,903 acres, the river was dry. Some considered consulting rainmakers, or maybe doing rain dances on their own. My dad recalled playing baseball near the middle of the lake in 1934, that didn’t help matters.

It all boiled down to a lot of people wishing for a lot of water. Many of them must not have considered the wording in their wishes, or requests for a lake full of water. Maybe there is power and strength in numbers at the old wishing well? The water came, sure as God makes little green apples! Water, more than anyone ever wanted or expected came rapidly from a heavy snow winter. It melted very quickly, followed by heavy rains.

The lake dwellers wishes did get answered, the lake got full, then overfull. These two pictures show where the water was at on a part of the lake, it was the same for all the property owners, except for a very few who lived up on hills. Everyone else had high wind, wave and flood damage and very expensive cleanup operations. Some homes were totally destroyed. Our cabin is in the the bottom picture, near a boat house. The screen door kept the fish out, as the waves rolled between the houses.


2 thoughts on “Be Careful When You Wish

  1. hmmm… that is sad. this reminds me of a line in a movie – “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”. it sounds crazy but a lot of times this is true. it also affirms the saying that we, as creations of God, have to be careful in what we utter because we are like little gods that have power with words.


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