Albert Einstein

We might be shocked to learn that Albert Einstein was not born a genius. He did not even learn to speak at a young age, his father gave him a compass when he was a little boy. The needle in the compass fascinated him, how it could move under the cover, that compass may have inspired Einstein, starting his life of scientific adventure.

He was a man who became consumed by his dreams and riddles. He did not arrive at his world famous equation E= mc squared through scientific experiments, or scientific theory. It was actually something that came from a dream. He had a vision of a person flying through space with outstretched arms holding onto a mirror. He pondered the question, would that person be able to see himself in the mirror, would he be bigger or smaller than if he were stationary? Would the image be distorted or out of shape? In his mind This was all being done at the speed of light. We should all keep track of our dreams and visions.

This dream bounced around in his head from 1895 to 1905, when he decided to release a paper on his famous equation E = mc squared. The rest of the world community of thinkers and scientists thought he had gone mad because his theory went against anything known at that time. People dreamed of traveling in the air, as this was even before the Wright brothers first 59 seconds flight done in 1903. Surely no one, except Einstein was contemplating speed of light travel, through space, yet.

What made Einstein different is that he refused to give up until he solved the problem. He was way over 100 years ahead of his time with his thinking. The modern world today reflects micro technology doing exactly what Einstein was dreaming of. The problems associated with traveling at the speed of light will be solved with micro technology, in the form of microorganisms.

Albert Einstein’s thinking, in layman’s terms pretty much boils down to that powerful, mysterious connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and the awesome power that lies there in. The mind has the power to control everything, from our health to all of our activities to our commitments to our acquaintances to everything that we do with our lives to all that we can become is interconnected. The power of the mind and the spirit working together will take us to other universes, maybe even solve the big bang theory.

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4 thoughts on “Albert Einstein

  1. Dear, dear Leland, you managed to push my button to speak up all the time. Yeah, Albert Einstein? I tell you, my favorite fellow, why?

    Somewhere around 6 yrs. ago Father inspired me to write an article about the human stupidity backup in the Scriptures. I grabbed on to that matter after the Spirit of our Father showed me first of all my own stupidity. From there on, I didn’t hesitate to mouth off, “You are stupid” because it is the truth.

    This thing about the mind and all the grand accomplishments of mankind is nothing else but sheer stupidity! One of these days in Father’s due time, everybody shall come to that conclusion. lol

    Anyhow, I needed to put some money together. I called on my children. One of them answered me with all kinds of nonsense about the needed money. It made me angry. I shouted to my own self, “STUPID, STUPID, JACK ASSES!” I got up and walked away from the computer. As I was walking away, I became to come down. I thought, “I better quit calling people ‘stupid’ or else they ain’t gone help me!” I came back to the computer. Somehow I clicked and … blaring across the screen was Albert Einstein’s quote:

    “There are two things infinite in this world. Number One, the Universe. Number two, Man’s stupidity. And I am not sure about Number One. But I am sure about Number two!”

    There, I thought, I’m right up there with the best, but it is to my best interest to keep this matter to myself.” I laughed and laughed!

    OK, fear not. I am now under Father’s discipline, learning to be nice, least in HIs sight. hahaha! Much love, thiaBasilia.


    • Dear Thia, It is real good to hear from you. I’ve never heard your voice, but I could hear your voice in your writing. When you lambasted the stupidity of mankind. That must say something for your writing, that it is very descriptive. Your voice almost got shrill at one point. I’m not very good at expressing myself, the point I was trying to make about Albert Einstein, he was really no master genius but a common man with common feelings and a lot a common sense. I read somewhere that he turned to Judaism at one time in his life, he never professed his faith in a creator. If you read most of his quotations, they seem creator inspired. That is what I see there between the lines in many of his quote’s. Like I say, not very good at getting my point across, but at the end I made the comment about solving the Big Bang Theory. All of this was created by one creator can you imagine the world coming to that conclusion? There is no other way to explain it in my feeble little mind.

      Winter is coming on, put another log on the fire. Our creator has given me a lot more winters than I ever anticipated. I should’ve taken a little better care of my body when it was young. I’ve been doing some genealogy work recently and I found out I’m not all Scandinavian!! Some German blood was introduced into our family by a ambitious young fellow from Saxony back in the early 1600s. He and his two brothers came to Norway to take control of the copper and silver mining operations. Jacob Mathias Tax fell madly in love with a young lady in our family. I am a 7th great grand son, with that knowledge and a couple dollar I can probably get a cup of coffee. Blessings to you , stay well and warm in your high-rise apartment. Sincerely, Leland

      The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it talks about the universe as we
      know it starting with a “small singularity”, then inflating over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today?????


      • Hahaha! Big Bang or no Bang! I stick to the First & Most Important of the Commandments. He sits on His throne and laughs at all of us, should I say? Big Bang whatever? I did get what you were driving at. But I couldn’t resist to share why I like that crazy Albert. Some day soon, we will all get to see who is who. Soon and very soon we are going to see the KING! HalleluYah!
        The book is on the market. I have worked hard to get it right. Now the big & hard work to get it going begins but, NO WORRIES! FATHER IS LEADING ALL THE WAY.
        That link takes you to the hard copy but tomorrow it will be also in Kindle along with the digital copy, here is that link.
        Hope to hear from you soon. Much love, thiaBasilia


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