Do Not Panic


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Daily Prompt

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Do Not Panic

If you are being chased through the woods by a big grizzly bear, you have a good reason to have a big, nasty panic attack. You cannot outrun that giant, ferocious bear. You will not be able to climb a tree faster than the bear either. You continue running as fast as you can in sheer panic, with the knowledge that he’s going to get you. There is one good thing about this whole scenario: that bear will end your panic attacks while eating you for lunch. You will have no more panic attacks. There must be a better way to get rid of panic than that.

Panic attacks are affecting more than 20 million people today. People are affected in different ways, churning stomachs, racing heart, fear of going out-of-doors, fear of being around other people, staying in your house alone,

doors and curtains shut. Afraid of the whole world.
Everyone seems to have different types of problems, and the doctors are at a loss for what to do. Psychology and many types of counseling get tried. Medications for chemical in-balance in the brain is used. A multitude of things get tried, yet they seem to be a Band-Aid approach. People still suffer in silence, hiding from themselves, loved ones, and the world.

There is an old saying; we are what we eat. I must be a refrigerator plumb full of fattening food. Diet points a suspicious finger straight at panic and anxiety attacks. In our modern world, with our hurry-up fast-food diets and artificially sweetened soft drinks, it all appears to be shining a searchlight on the problem of panic. The solution to everything doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. A simple change of diet could be the miracle cure for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

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