Silence Can Be Deafening



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Silence Can Be Deafening

Silence is a powerful force for good or evil in this world. If you are a archery hunter silence will teach you to love and respect nature and the great outdoors and all the little creatures that inhabit it. The flying kind and all the others too. You learn what silence really is all about, after you spend countless hours in complete silence as a archery hunter. The main noise you will hear is your heart beating. You can also hear a mouse walking in the dry leaves many yards away. It is awe inspiring, a experience that is very hard to explain, a place for a good camera.

Silence is golden. That old saying started hundreds of years ago with the idea of being silent. You are not going to say the wrong thing and make yourself look like a fool if you stay silent. Nobody wants to be an idiot who is uninformed about the subject at hand. In that case silence has much value, maybe not golden.

Many inventors, scientists and engineers prefer working in silence so their minds have full concentration on the project they are working on. This mind work theory did a complete 180° turn in later years, as colleges and universities, and the dorm room used background music. That was to enhance the learning ability. Some even preferred to add a little smoke to the fire of the music to even have better, more alert minds to learn more, faster.

A few generations ago, children were expected to be seen and not heard. That is very hard task for any child to do, as all children would prefer to be involved in the conversation. They just want to learn! There is a possibility the parents preferre a child not talk in the presence of company, for the simple reason the child will no doubt tell something about them that they would prefer not to share with their house guests.

The Art Linkletter show on television had a special time dedicated to children.  Mr. Linkletter would ask simple, straightforward questions about their mother or father or both. The children always had a reply that was very entertaining for the TV audience. From the mouths of babes comes innocent candor, instead of the parental, preferred silence.

The Wyclif Bible centuries ago included the thought “Silence is maad in heuen”. [made in Heaven} I have always been under the impression that in Heaven there is going to be a lot of shouting, praising and singing. Heaven was going to be a place for everything except silence. I do feel that you should be silent and reverant in the church. In my day children were quiet as little church mice.

They were told about silence at home and again before they entered the church doors, they would be silent in the church. That strategy goes against praising and singing loudly to bless the Lord for all that he has done in their lives. Today silence in the church must be on a week day as far as I can tell. The silent church followed the entertainment ways of the world.

Silence was expressed in a 16th century proverb, now defunct – as many present-day feminists would prefer it: “Silence is a woman’s best garment.”The silent treatment is being used under many different circumstances for many reasons, to obtain many different outcomes. The modern day marriage counselors are kept working overtime from a little thing called the silent treatment.

At one time a prisoner was only referred to by a number there was no communication allowed. The plan being that would make a prisoner reflect on his crime and be repentant and become a changed person. After the silent treatment for certain lengths of time, the results didn’t seem to confirm a change of heart in many prisoners. I end this in silence.

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