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Mistake Power

If someone tells you they never made a mistake, it would be from their bed, That would be their one big mistake, never getting out of bed. Almost everyone gets out of bed in the morning and goes out and interacts with other people in their community and in this world that gets smaller every day. The point is, the minute you get out of that bed you are ready to start making mistakes for that day.

Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is not to run away and hide in a cave somewhere and feel bad about the mistake and blame yourself and end up with health problems or a backed up digestive system. Face your mistake, claim it and use it to improve your life. that is how we get experience, grow in character and wisdom, all through learning from our mistakes. The next time you make a mistake analyze what it was all about, use it to your good, turn it into power for yourself.

Some mistakes can be very costly, we learn about tragedy from them. An airplane pilot makes a mistake, flips the wrong switch at 50,000 feet. He could be jeopardizing that plane and everyone on board. The gravity of a mistake will certainly go along with your job title so you learn and relearn everything about your job that you possibly can. If you’re working inside of a nuclear reactor you certainly want to be up to date on all of the latest safety features, there is no room for any mistake there.

Most mistakes are not real serious in nature but they are enough to spoil your day to day activities and that is the whole key, learning not to let minor mistakes do that to your life, because that will also affect the lives of your loved ones. As your mood changes, if you become angry or shut yourself off from others it has to be worked on with some extra care. Some people end up going to counseling with doctors who specialize in psychoanalysis and try to determine when your problem might have originated. It might have been a mistake from your childhood or adolescents, most people solve these situations on their own as they mature but counseling is always an option

Get up in the morning, go do your thing, don’t count your mistakes as a loss but look at them as gain.


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