Easy Scratch Recipes Week 26.

Powdered Sugar Cookies

1c. shortening                     1 egg

1c. powdered sugar            1 tsp. vanilla
Cream shortening and sugar well. Add vanilla and egg; beat together.


2 c. flour                                  1/2 teaspoon soda.
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar       1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix together. Roll into balls, dip in sugar. Place on cookie sheet, flatten with a fork. Bake at 375 until light brown

A True Heirloom Taste


Photo Challenge


For this week’s challenge, show us something that stands out from the everyday.

A True Heirloom Taste

There is one rare thing to me that stands out from the every day. It stands out in a world of its own because it has a rare taste of the past.

A rose is a rose is a rose, things are what they are, that is a statement regarding the law of identity. “It is true, for things that are the same.” “I strongly object, things that are the same are not the same when it comes to tomatoes.” There is an exception to that identity rule, that is a fact. When it comes to eating and tasting tomatoes, they look alike but they certainly do not taste the same. Homegrown tomatoes have an identity and a taste all their own, it cannot be copied.The old heirloom tomatoes are the best eating and tasting tomato you will ever find. They are becoming rare indeed.

The tomato is one of the few thing that goes against the law of identity.Tomatoes that are raised for commercial sales look the same but are almost tasteless. In this new day of mass production in farming and everything else, larger crops, genetic altering always leaves something out, in the case of the tomato there leaving out the taste.They sacrificed taste for something that will keep on the shelf longer, similar to a plastic ball.

When you raise your own tomatoes, sweat equity is involved, they are also being raised with some tender loving care. There is a lot to be said for the power of tender loving care. When we get feeling a little bit low, chicken soup and TLC will get us back on track quickly, anothrer rarity from our past.

I would imagine, a walk through the tomato patch with a salt shaker in your hand is becoming a rare experience also.



Narrow Spinal Canal

Photo Challenge


From spaghetti to the quiet alley behind your house, this week show us something narrow.

I couldn’t get my wife to unscrew my head and take these pictures so I went to Google free images and borrowed some.


This picture shows in good detail a narrow spinal canal and what is taking place in the spinal column. The white Subdural space should be large enough to give the spinal cord ample room. In this case that space is closing shut from the presence of syringomyelia inside of the spinal cord and this one extends into the brain stem. The syringomyelia creates a cavity inside of the spinal cord. It continues to grow and stretch, drain shunts can help lower spinal cord pressure. Pressure causes the spinal cord to swell up causing the spinal canal area to narrow. After so much swelling takes place the spinal cord comes in contact with the bones of the vertebrae. This creates nerve damage, sensory loss, pain and many other symptoms such as respiratory loss and organ failure. Together, the brain and spinal cord are known as the central nervous system (CNS). They do miraculous work together as a team but do not tolerate outside interference very well.

Syringomyelia has been present in my spinal cord for almost fifty years. The full length of my spinal cord is now hollowed out by the cavity that the syringomyelia created. I have had two drain shunts installed. The narrowing of my spinal canal continues and in my case I also have spinal stenosis in the cervical spine. The pictures at the bottom of this post show a normal spinal column and also a spinal column with stenosis.

thCOAVH434In the year 2000. I had surgery on my cervical spine for stenosis.  They removed the front half of a vertebrae, then cleaned out pieces of  bone spurs,  popped the vertebrae back in place and  grafted it with bone bank parts.  Six screws  and a metal plate now keep my head from falling off , my neck gets awfully sore  just about every day. An indicator of a narrow space in the neck again. No more repair jobs for me.

In spite of all the progress that has been made in the medical field, damage to the brain and spinal cord leave many doctors playing a guessing game when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Very seldom are there two patients under their care who will have the same symptoms, neurogenic pain, paralysis or a long list of other problems from the same spinal cord injuries.



The Hubs Of Hell


Daily Prompt


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

The Hubs Of Hell

I had died and the next thing I knew I was carrying big pails of grease. They were almost too heavy for me to lift. I couldn’t understand where I was at. The heat was unbearable, the noise was extremely loud, roaring and screaming. There were several different flaming circles all turning in different directions on huge hubs like the hubs on chariot wheels. I realized then, it must be the hubs of Hell.

I soon found out my job was to carry grease and keep those hubs running cool so they would not burn up. It was an impossible task, because it was so hot! The grease went up in a cloud of smoke as soon as I put it on those smoking hot hubs. I had to almost run and carry my pails from one hub to the next. Put some grease on quickly, more flames and smoke in my face, then run to the next hub. No rest, I would start all over again by getting more pails of grease, it was endless, time didn’t exist. I thought this cannot continue. “Then, why not?” “I’m dead.” I will carry grease for an eternity, WHY?

Suddenly I woke up. I opened my eyes, I was in my own bed. There was smoke in the air from my wife burning bacon out in the kitchen. I laid there for a long time enjoying that smell of burning bacon. I checked my hands for grease. Did somebody say to me yesterday, the squeaky wheel gets the grease? I will be happy to carry the garbage out later dear.


Spider In Paradise

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Spider In Paradise

I was confused about spiders so found a little bit of information about them, just enough to get you caught in the web.

“Instead of boards, spiders produce silk threads to build their webs. The silk is produced in silk glands with the help of the spider’s spinnerets. Spinnerets are special organs that allow the spider to decide what type of thread it needs for the web.”

We are very fortunate to live in a country with countless National Treasures, beautiful scenery, lakes and forests, boundless recreation opportunities. There are unlimited thrills for everyone venturing into the great outdoors.

We all have to slow down to enjoy what is around us, don’t go too fast, you will overlook many things. Some of the natural artwork done by hummingbirds and insects is very remarkable. The following spider had no confusion when she spun this web together, her spinnerets were fine tuned. She must have learned the art of spinning at some graduate school, for spiders.


Kim Hilmoe Olson took her time to slowly view the activity in her backyard and she caught this spider in wait of the arrival of her first meal. Ms. Spider is no doubt marveling at her own spinning ability and the artwork it produced. My what a beautiful job! She may have been confused at the start but it all wove together well, she will eat good from her labor.


Thank you Kim for sharing your great pictures with everyone.


Surface Survey



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Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Surface Survey

Just about everyone in this world encounters several people, up close and personal during a day. How do we come across to these people? How do we look on the surface? Our immediate appearance holds a lot of importance to those people who judge on sight alone. We should all realize you cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot judge a person by their looks, you might try, but it’s something that you should never do. Invariably you will walk away with the wrong impression.

Today many of the people you meet will have a tattoo, some, a large number of tattoos. They may have rings in their noses, rings in their lips and hairdos and color that are out of this world. They might come across as being on the wild side, the kind of person who loves to live on the edge. In truth, they are probably everyday people going about their business. They could be doctors, lawyers, bankers, we surely cannot tell anything about them by what they look like on the surface.

A new surface look can be applied to apparel and a Hollywood face, a false, face to change how people see us. We might make them think we are famous and wealthy. When in truth all the makeup of the world, all of the proper looking actions or facial expressions can be just as phony as a three dollar bill. Our surface appearance to the rest of the world should be a reflection of what is in our hearts and mind if we truly are walking the walk and talking the talk as we go through life.

Everyone should take a little more time to check their own surface appearance. Stand in front of a big mirror with an open mind and conscious, look in the mirror to see what you see. Hopefully, you will see what you want to see on the surface, and it will make you feel good about yourself. If we choose to live a pretend surface life, we may not find happiness on a regular basis. We are the first ones to know about letting ourselves down. The person right next to you hasn’t got a clue that you are blue. The surface is all that shows.


Easy Scratch Recipes Week 25


Apple Crisp

6 medium apples, peeled and sliced               1/2 c. white sugar

1/2 c. water

Pour sugar and water in saucepan and cook over medium heat for six minutes..

1/2 c. butter or margarine                                     1 tsp. baking powder

1 c. flour                                                                      1/2 teaspoon salt

Chopped walnuts are optional but always yummy.

Mix together like cornmeal. Layer apples and sugar water in 9 x 13″ pan. Sprinkle second mixture over the top of the apples. Bake at 350° for 30 to 40 minutes.

Obsessed With Life





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Obsessed With Life

I became obsessed with staying alive three years ago. I was obsessed with making it through each day and now three years have passed and I’m still obsessed with getting through each new day. When tomorrow gets here, If it does, I will be obsessed with making it through that day. Life is such a great event, the big concert! I have become obsessed with hanging onto it.

I do not believe I am scared of dying. When my body finally decides to quit working completely, I will be dead. In the meantime, I am obsessed with overcoming each little thing that goes wrong, adjusting to changes, learning new ways to do things. Working to keep the body fit enough, to make it through one more day. Everything takes more effort and time to accomplish, even little tasks, that mischief is designed to bring about a depressed state. Not on my watch, I might be a little goofy, certainly not down in the mouth, in the mood department.

At night I go to sleep obsessed with waking up in the morning to another day. Another day that maybe won’t be all fun and games, no pain no gain. I will still be obsessed to make it through that day and one more night in bed. Each night takes longer to get the required rest, but I am obsessed with getting that rest. I continue on at a slower pace each day but at least moving forward, or anticipate moving until I can press on.

My obsession with staying alive is now being helped by an obsession with blogging. I never thought I would look forward to writing, not in my wildest dreams. Now blogging gives me a goal to strive for, each new day has that same goal now. I live, to blog again tomorrow. It has become another obsession, but it is truly an obsession of celebrating life and trying to share what it’s all about. Life is the greatest gift anyone can ever hope to receive and we should share ours with as many people as we can.