Miniature Micro Nano


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Miniature Micro Nano

When we think of miniature, a lot of times we think of collectibles. A lot of different collectible things like cars are in miniature, mainly it is more practical to handle small objects and place them on shelves as you collect them. Some farmers are the exception to the rule. They collect full-size tractors and have barns and buildings full of full-size farm tractors. There are also many collectors of miniature farm equipment. Artists have crafted miniature objects for centuries. The challenge of making things in miniature must drive them. The artist, potter and other craftsman seek perfection in their miniatures.

The daily prompt Miniature got me thinking about miniature in the field of medicine and how it is helping all of mankind. Miniature is huge, gigantic sized today, compared to micro and nano technologies. Miniature still does wonderful things in the field of medicine. The rest of this post talks about micro and nanotechnology and I listed five breakthroughs that have taken place in the past year. I tried to write a summary about that article, but soon realized, I had no idea what I was talking about. So I put a URL link so everyone can access and read about these new breakthroughs, if they wish to do that.

Number 1 There have been five breakthroughs in the past year in the medical field. One of them deals with early detection of lung cancer. It was discovered by two doctors at the University of Missouri. It’s a simple test using nanotechnology. A sample micro RNA, which is easy to track them from the sample of blood plasma they run it through a nano protein-based membrane is so small and let’s only one molecule past, this test can determine very early detection is the patient prone to getting lung cancer.

Number 2 The next breakthrough is a test for the flu, the old tests are very inaccurate and it takes up to two weeks to get the results back, by then an epidemic could be out of control. The doctor takes a fluid sample, mixes that with a gold nanoparticles filled solution. The test will quickly show if the person has the flu and the test is also very inexpensive. The gold used is in such a minute amount that it costs 1/100 of a cent to take this test.

Number 3 The next test involves early cancer detection in tumors. Jeff Brinker and his team at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico invented a contraption to kill cancer in tumors. Proto cells target cancerous cells; they have at least a 99% affinity to bond with the overgrowth of receptors that occur on the cell membrane of tumors. It is highly specialized and economical as well; only one protocell is necessary to silence a tumor. The procedure they have invented attacks and kills the cancer within the tumor.

Number 4 The next breakthrough involves drug testing, pharmaceutical companies usually spent 12 years and over $300 million in the process testing drugs for cell cultures so one professor Karen Martinez, the team at University of Copenhagen, and made a breakthrough in biosensors. They insert semi conductor nano-wires into a cell without interfering with its internal processing or killing it, this process speed up the testing of all drugs worldwide and help lower the cost of drugs.

Number 5 The next breakthrough is my favorite. It involves treatment of a patient after severe spinal cord injury has been done. The spinal cord injuries that Christopher Reeves received prompted a lot of spinal cord research, these two researchers in Malan, Italy, have made what is possibly the most important breakthrough yet in the restoration of the spinal cord. The prospects sound very good. They did their first research on rats, with no motor skills. They improved and didn’t have to drag their back legs around anymore. They also responded better to all stimuli.

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