The Ghost Ship




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The Ghost Ship

Ghosts are making a comeback, but a comeback from where? Where have all the ghosts been? Floating around vacant houses, some dragging chains behind them? Walking around some ones camp ground in the forest at night, or looking up from a lake bottom, still in cement shoes. For some reason even with modern day living, the idea of ghosts is becoming more popular, more people believe in them. There are claimes of ghosts being caught in pictures taken with cell phone cameras today. There has to be a large increase in the ghost population underway.

In the good old days before modern medicine a person just stayed home and died. They were usually dead and gone in short order, without medical care when they got sick. Dying in your own bed, would be the ideal situation for your spirit to want to hang around a while, to keep an eye on things. Becoming a ghost must not be a choice we get, it must be determined by how the death takes place.

I’ve come to believe with all of our modern medicine. There are many new ways of keeping a human body suspended in limbo between life and death. This opens a whole new can of worms. Maybe not a can of worms but a whole new area of discussion about out of body experiences. Some people claim floating around in the operating room, watching the doctors from somewhere up around the ceiling. Most doctors will say that is an impossible thing, it did not happen. In some cases the patient describes in detail parts of the procedure that was being done to him.

There can be an equipment failure, something goes wrong during one of these heart or brain surgeries, the body cannot be held in a suspended state indefinately. If that body dies, I do believe the spirit could leave it to be free somehow. Maybe it gets out and wants to stay as a free spirit, a ghost. Why would it go back to die with the body? There are a lot of travel perks for ghosts.Your spirit will no doubt have the power to travel at the speed of light to a different area, pass through walls and closed doors or whatever. You are a spirit, able to travel anywhere.

Space scientists are ready to announce a breakthrough on new ways of space travel, possibly about light speed. The astronauts spirits could travel to other galaxies. The body reformatted to the original state to do construction work, build space stations etc.. Those ready to return to earth are put back into a spirit state for travel. The ghost ship traveling at light speed.

“Recent surveys have shown that a significant portion of the population believes in ghosts, leading some scholars to conclude that we are witnessing a revival of paranormal beliefs in Western society. A Harris poll from last year found that 42 percent of Americans say they believe in ghosts. The percentage is similar in the U.K., where 52 percent of respondents indicated that they believed in ghosts in a recent poll.” believe

3 thoughts on “The Ghost Ship

  1. Leland, this is my ghost! haha! I do feel like a ‘ghost’ since I been dead to a lot of activity in the blogging world. Why? Working on the books that I am to publish next but, mainly? Under the hand of the Master. He is tweaking this human thing that I am to act according to His will for sure not according to my imagination. So? Father has empowered me to sit still. Unless He quickens me to act in one way or the other.

    A moment ago I ran into the post where I quoted one of your first comments in one of my blogs. Again, how timely to run into such encouraging words written by you but inspired by our Loving Father. He knows when I need to hear such words. Quickly it came to me, “Where is Leland?” “Why have I not heard from him anymore?” So? I set out to write you an email but then, I figure better to check your latest post. Sure enough, ghosts! What a subject. Do I believe in ghosts? Whether I believe or not, ghost caused me to earn the label of Schizophrenia, plus a couple other labels. lol.

    I kept trying to give my testimony to the doctors telling them about my conversations with our Father and how the demons of hell would attack me. Hum! By the time it was all over? they labeled me Schiz, Bipolar & Manic Depressive! The judge declared me disable or mentally insane. The Social Security department paid me $5000.00 back up payment plus monthly SSI payments that availed me until Father delivered me from the whole absurd system in 2007 and I declined the payments.

    Then in 2008, to the amazement of my doctors and psychologists, etc, Father sent me overseas without any medicare or doctors care of any kind, or the SSI check that supported me all those years until Father was pleased to make a point about the whole system. Hahaha! It reminds of King David pretending he was crazy when in the enemy’s camp running away from King Saul. 1Sa 21:10-15 

    I was not pretending they knew I was not pretending, they just did not get my testimony at all! Or maybe they did because, when they declared me disable to work in the regular world, they paid me to work in our Father’s world. All in all? There are hundreds of books & articles in the Net all declaring their sin to the people, including my own self, as Father has led me to do. So? You are right. I am good for something. I am not insane.

    Well, that’s my ghost experience. Unfortunately? Most people do not know or understand much of the spiritual world that surrounds us. It is not a ‘ghost’s’ world even when people believes to be so because ghosts are disinbody spirits. It is, actually, the Spiritual World, a World we all need to be aware of seriously because, that is our Father’s world! Some day soon, the Kingdom of Heave shall be established in Jerusalem in spite of all misconceptions about such things. Like you tell me in your comment, quote,
    …I’m sure he looks at you and says I love you faithful servant, I will continue to bless you in your work. I have been talking to deaf ears longer than you. Ears that are close over with selfishness and greed. The only way they can be opened is through your blog site and others, willing to spread the news, the simple good news about the Savior’s love, grace and forgiveness. They are gifts for all to freely receive, no questions asked, just come to the father with open heart and open mind and receive them…

    Thanks my brother. I must go on now. Soon, Overcoming Supernaturally will be on Amazon, maybe in a couple of days. Keep in touch. Your comment was posted on, I have not been keeping up with that blog. I think I need to get back to it. Right now I am messing up with, Either way? Hope to hear from you soon. Much love, thiaBasilia.


    • thia, thia, thia,
      I have been doing a lot of thinking about you, we must have been on the same wavelength in the blogger sphere, stratosphere some where. You talk about being declared a little bit cuckoo years ago? I always kinda wondered if you maybe had a couple shingles loose? But not insane! I have quite a few bats flying around in my belfry, some cause quite a commotion at times. What would life be if we were not a little bit goofy? My body is letting me down more all the time and I believe you probably can relate to that. I believe you said your 70 something too, probably a lot more active than me, if you’re walking upstairs to your Skyview apartment. Are you still in the same apartment? I hope you are doing well and keeping warm as the fall season is approaching very rapidly. I hate to see winter coming, I may curl up like a bear, and just sleep until spring. My blogging has gotten, what should I say sort of on the back burner. I don’t know what’s causing it. I try to write something on occasion. I have been busy doing some checking on our family heritage from Norway, that is been a fun time. I like to imagine walking in the shoes of my ancestors, doing the things that they did in the 1600 and 1700s, even the 1800s. I thought I was all Norwegian and Finnish, I find out there was some German copper miners came to Norway from Saxony in 1640 or something and they started to intermarry with all of our family so we also have some German blood somewhere back there.
      I’m glad to hear from you, I went to your site to do some reading and things seemed like they had been quiet around there, was a little dust settling over things. I hope your back up to 100% and you and our Creator are working some overtime. Best wishes to you and all the blessings in the world, stay well, keep on doing your thing, the Lord will lead you. Not like a mule, leading you in spirit. As always, Leland
      Did you read my blog a while back where I wrote a post where I thought I had died? My job was to grease the hubs of hell, that was the hottest job I ever had in my death. I’m sure glad I woke up and it was only bacon burning in the kitchen.


      • Hahahaha! You best quit eating bacon unless you want to head up the sky quicker than you schedule to do.

        O but you made my day! Wonder if others read our fun interchange.

        I am into learning to do copywriting or blurbs. Looks like an impossibility as much as I like to dispense such multitude of words to express just one thought. But with our Father? All things are possible. Who knows? If I can get a hold of $49.00 to join that club and get the teachings, maybe I’ll be able to jump one of those big birds and fly over to meet you and give a boost to your feeble body.

        Blog, blog, blog! I got so many I can’t keep up but, who knows? Father is using those blogs, I am sure.

        Hopefully, I will publish Overcoming Supernaturally later on tonight. Should be on Amazon by next week. Make sure you download it. It’s quite a tale! A true tale.

        If you want my blog without any dust? Click:

        Make sure you figure something good for a reply to this one. Much love, thiaBasilia.


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