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Soul Eye Views

“There is an old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul.” The ears are also excellent input devices. This is a true statement, eyes and smiles give a regular condition of the soul report. We sometimes communicate more with our eyes than we do verbally.

When you talk to someone, you should make eye contact with them. The eye contact between two people talking shows the sincerity between them about the conversation. By looking away from someone while talking it might make it look like your trying to deceive them. Possibly to keep something from them because you don’t feel right in your own mind about what is being said. Eye contact between two people during a conversation is very important, a must for a job interview.

Our eyes can transmit signs of great happiness and joy. When you meet a person with twinkling happy eyes you no doubt have met a person who is happy within themselves. They are happy from their eyes down into their souls. The twinkling eyes advertise a great feeling of true peace and contentment.

The eyes can also show great suffering, maybe from extreme pain or the shock from bad news. The eyes will lose their sparkle and be sad and have a sullen look about them. Our eyes are actually like neon signs, some bright others dim. They tell the world about our souls, about our condition at any given time. Be it either happiness or sadness, the eyes will very seldom send the wrong signal to the other person. Tears in the eyes can come in many forms, happy, sad, long and loud laughter or pity me now, please.

Most of us are very fortunate to have good eyesight, we can enjoy all of the different sites that are around us and the other people we come in contact with. People who have lost their sight may see more than many of us, as all of their other senses become much sharper.

We must continue to be hopeful that our eyes will show us the way that we should go, sort out right and wrong. The visual message is sent from the eyes back to the brain, where it is sorted out and the brain decides if the message goes to the shredder or permanent storage in the soul. Our eyes can reflect either spiritual light or spiritual darkness within our souls.

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