A True Heirloom Taste


Photo Challenge


For this week’s challenge, show us something that stands out from the everyday.

A True Heirloom Taste

There is one rare thing to me that stands out from the every day. It stands out in a world of its own because it has a rare taste of the past.

A rose is a rose is a rose, things are what they are, that is a statement regarding the law of identity. “It is true, for things that are the same.” “I strongly object, things that are the same are not the same when it comes to tomatoes.” There is an exception to that identity rule, that is a fact. When it comes to eating and tasting tomatoes, they look alike but they certainly do not taste the same. Homegrown tomatoes have an identity and a taste all their own, it cannot be copied.The old heirloom tomatoes are the best eating and tasting tomato you will ever find. They are becoming rare indeed.

The tomato is one of the few thing that goes against the law of identity.Tomatoes that are raised for commercial sales look the same but are almost tasteless. In this new day of mass production in farming and everything else, larger crops, genetic altering always leaves something out, in the case of the tomato there leaving out the taste.They sacrificed taste for something that will keep on the shelf longer, similar to a plastic ball.

When you raise your own tomatoes, sweat equity is involved, they are also being raised with some tender loving care. There is a lot to be said for the power of tender loving care. When we get feeling a little bit low, chicken soup and TLC will get us back on track quickly, anothrer rarity from our past.

I would imagine, a walk through the tomato patch with a salt shaker in your hand is becoming a rare experience also.



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