The Hubs Of Hell


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The Hubs Of Hell

I had died and the next thing I knew I was carrying big pails of grease. They were almost too heavy for me to lift. I couldn’t understand where I was at. The heat was unbearable, the noise was extremely loud, roaring and screaming. There were several different flaming circles all turning in different directions on huge hubs like the hubs on chariot wheels. I realized then, it must be the hubs of Hell.

I soon found out my job was to carry grease and keep those hubs running cool so they would not burn up. It was an impossible task, because it was so hot! The grease went up in a cloud of smoke as soon as I put it on those smoking hot hubs. I had to almost run and carry my pails from one hub to the next. Put some grease on quickly, more flames and smoke in my face, then run to the next hub. No rest, I would start all over again by getting more pails of grease, it was endless, time didn’t exist. I thought this cannot continue. “Then, why not?” “I’m dead.” I will carry grease for an eternity, WHY?

Suddenly I woke up. I opened my eyes, I was in my own bed. There was smoke in the air from my wife burning bacon out in the kitchen. I laid there for a long time enjoying that smell of burning bacon. I checked my hands for grease. Did somebody say to me yesterday, the squeaky wheel gets the grease? I will be happy to carry the garbage out later dear.

3 thoughts on “The Hubs Of Hell

  1. Thank you for the kind words Judy. Go ahead and re-blog or whatever. If you would like that is fine with me, more visitors the better. No, it wasn’t a dream but lately been having some weird ones, almost sci-fi.


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