Spider In Paradise

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Spider In Paradise

I was confused about spiders so found a little bit of information about them, just enough to get you caught in the web.

“Instead of boards, spiders produce silk threads to build their webs. The silk is produced in silk glands with the help of the spider’s spinnerets. Spinnerets are special organs that allow the spider to decide what type of thread it needs for the web.”

We are very fortunate to live in a country with countless National Treasures, beautiful scenery, lakes and forests, boundless recreation opportunities. There are unlimited thrills for everyone venturing into the great outdoors.

We all have to slow down to enjoy what is around us, don’t go too fast, you will overlook many things. Some of the natural artwork done by hummingbirds and insects is very remarkable. The following spider had no confusion when she spun this web together, her spinnerets were fine tuned. She must have learned the art of spinning at some graduate school, for spiders.


Kim Hilmoe Olson took her time to slowly view the activity in her backyard and she caught this spider in wait of the arrival of her first meal. Ms. Spider is no doubt marveling at her own spinning ability and the artwork it produced. My what a beautiful job! She may have been confused at the start but it all wove together well, she will eat good from her labor.


Thank you Kim for sharing your great pictures with everyone.


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