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Obsessed With Life

I became obsessed with staying alive three years ago. I was obsessed with making it through each day and now three years have passed and I’m still obsessed with getting through each new day. When tomorrow gets here, If it does, I will be obsessed with making it through that day. Life is such a great event, the big concert! I have become obsessed with hanging onto it.

I do not believe I am scared of dying. When my body finally decides to quit working completely, I will be dead. In the meantime, I am obsessed with overcoming each little thing that goes wrong, adjusting to changes, learning new ways to do things. Working to keep the body fit enough, to make it through one more day. Everything takes more effort and time to accomplish, even little tasks, that mischief is designed to bring about a depressed state. Not on my watch, I might be a little goofy, certainly not down in the mouth, in the mood department.

At night I go to sleep obsessed with waking up in the morning to another day. Another day that maybe won’t be all fun and games, no pain no gain. I will still be obsessed to make it through that day and one more night in bed. Each night takes longer to get the required rest, but I am obsessed with getting that rest. I continue on at a slower pace each day but at least moving forward, or anticipate moving until I can press on.

My obsession with staying alive is now being helped by an obsession with blogging. I never thought I would look forward to writing, not in my wildest dreams. Now blogging gives me a goal to strive for, each new day has that same goal now. I live, to blog again tomorrow. It has become another obsession, but it is truly an obsession of celebrating life and trying to share what it’s all about. Life is the greatest gift anyone can ever hope to receive and we should share ours with as many people as we can.


7 thoughts on “Obsessed With Life

  1. Good for you, Lee. I think your blog about obsessed with life is “so like you”–put a smile on, get going and stay going…That is Leland to a tee. Thanks for your apt words today. I needed them this early morn. Keep them going. Arlyce


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