No Maybe Not




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No Maybe Not

Your life is given to you to be used to the fullest capabilities that it has, these are enormous, overwhelming, unimaginative powers. Do not become a maybe person. You must decide at a very young age, you are going to be a yes or a no person, not a maybe person. Indecision is the route taken by maybe people, they will be robbed of many things throughout their lifetimes, with that attitude.

Indecision has caused wars to be lost, the word  was used in a decision, causing the war to take a wrong turn. Marriages have ended over the word maybe. They simply said to each other, “Maybe we should talk things over someday.” They never got around to doing it. Business decisions are very seldom in the same room with maybe people. It is either a yes or a no decision in businesses.

When the word maybe is involved in anything in this world involving human nature and human decisions. The yellow light starts flashing and then it ends up with a red light. Be a positive person or a negative person when you make decisions. All decisions require study. If a negative decision is made only after much study and you decide it would be the wrong road to take, it is done. A decision involving maybe will have you driving around circles, day and night with no destination.

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