Talk Slowly it Works Better


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Motor Mouth


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Talk Slowly it Works Better

I have a challenge for everyone in this blogasphere and all of cyberspace. The next time you start talking keep both ears wide open and listen to yourself when you’re speaking. For some reason people are talking so rapidly they are very hard to understand. I’m sure they a have problem understanding what they’re saying themselves. The speech part of the brain seems to be out of control, in a runaway, crash mode

I would think this all started in the early days of telemarketing. The telemarketers out there want to get their message out as quickly as possible before the person on the other end slams the phone back on the receiver or push the button to cut them off. If it wasn’t the telemarketing community who sparked machine gun speaking, it mus have been the start of the computer age and robotics.

When the first computers came out they had a four bit processor or ‘CPU’ Central processing unit. That is as fast as they could process the information that was fed into . The computer industry has progressed so rapidly it has become completely unbelievable. CPU’s today process information in Ghz. billions per second. CPU clock speeds have doubled every year since 1980, today there is a 5 Ghz processor

For some reason human voice communication has made a dramatic change. It seems like people are talking so fast they don’t hear anything that you say when you make your reply. They still have their last blast of speed talk echoing through their mind. It is very disconcerting when you look directly into someone’s eyes and talk to them. They seem to be understanding, you talking slowly, explaining what you would like done. They look back at you with an understanding look and most of the time they know nothing about what you said. They seem to remain confused on the subject, maybe they require speed talk to understand English now.

I have seen very little written or discussed about this topic, it is a serious issue as far as voice communication goes. Most secretaries in offices today speak so rapidly, you have to ask them several times what it was they were trying to tell you. Maybe the problem just lies in my own ears, not being able to hear well. Please listen to broadcasters, telemarketers, secretaries, or anyone calling you from an office about an appointment or for a business call. It might be my imagination.

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