Old? Worry Not!

Old man.jpg

AdinaVoicu https://pixabay.com/en/old-man-time-watch-fear-old-age-1507781/

by rogershipp

Old Worry Not

Fools worry about old age, worry will only bring bad fruit if anything. You earned your old age, it has treasure chests full of marvelous memories, enjoy them. An occasional bad memory will pop up but you will now see it with a different perspective.

You know old age is approaching when it takes eight hours of sleep again. You start thinking about giving away your worldly stuff to family members and others. It might be well if that is one final job left undone.

Grandpa, Why is your skin so wrinkled? Son, when you spend most of your life in the saddle as a cowhand the weather makes your skin start to wrinkle. The hot sun will make jerky out of your face. You can’t tell a smile from a frown on my face, can you? Grandpa your funny. “I can’t take your watch.” “Why not?” “There is still a lot of time on it for us to use together.”


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